Be Mindful This Holiday Season (5 Tips to Remember!)

Taken in Wrightwood, CA, November 2011

Hi there,

It’s as obvious as the nose on my face, and we all notice it. Plus, the signs are everywhere; it’s the holiday season; it’s here once again!

They seem to be coming quick this year and those festive holiday get-together’s, gift-buying and decorations can definitely take a toll on any person.

That’s why I created a  fairly short list of things to remember so that you don’t over-exert yourself because everyone should deserve to feel their best during the holidays. Remember: These are the same tips you can use all-year long, we should always be jolly, giving and in a good mood every single day of our lives. We are beacons of light, peace and hope.

Here are 5 things to remember this Holiday Season:

1. GET SOME REST & TAKE YOUR VITAMINS!! – Having some alone time for yourself and being able to rest and relax is incredibly important for your immune system. It’s super easy to get so stressed out and over-whelmed with all the engagements and plans that we forget to take care of ourselves.  So please remember to wash your hands, drink a lot of healthy fluids and bundle up (Unless you’re in the warm geographical areas during Christmas (Like, Australia!) In that case, bundle less & stay hydrated)

2. STAY ORGANIZED – Write down everything that needs to be done prior to holiday parties & gift purchases. Remember that if you are hosting a holiday party that you do not over-exert too much energy because it’s noticeable and your visitors are more interested in being comfortable, relaxed and well-fed.

3. SMILE & SHARE – This year you might want to give an extra holiday card to that nice friend in high school or college that you lost contact with. Send dour warmest wishes and expect nothing in return.  Be content with all that you have at this point in your life. It’s also great to spend time with the less fortunate and the ones you love.

4. DON’T GET YOUR HOPES UP – Expect plans to not go through and expect not to get that perfect present. As negative as this may seem, a lot of tough situations may occur along the way and sometimes certain plans or gifts won’t go through. So be grateful for what you do receive and remember that you are loved. Keep your positive hopes up and keep intending for the best results.

5. DO SOMETHING SPONTANEOUS – Have you ever wanted to do something amazing over the holidays but never got the chance to do it? Given a sound budget, round up a few good friends/family members and just go do it! Take the camera and capture those special moments. The spontaneity will make you feel young and happy.

So those are my own 5 things to remember/do this holiday season! I hope this was helpful to all and early happy holidays to you all!

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