Be Accepting

One positive factor that keeps life moving forward is acceptance. It is a form of surrendering and embraces the fact that we will always be given curve balls in life. We are given situations in this lifetime to understand and accept another person or situation for who/what they are. We think that we never choose the situations we are in, when in reality, that’s exactly what we are doing. We always choose what we want and don’t want in life. That’s why the power of intention and visualization is so important.

Having to accept someone or something for its faults makes us more understanding individuals.

So the next time there’s a difficult situation in your life, remember that surrendering all your worries is a good start and begin to accept that there are some things you cannot change (yet). Surrendering has always had a weak connotation to it but it also a form of letting go. Surrendering allows the universe to take full control of your worries and an answer or resolution will arise before you know it!

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