Be Able to Ask Questions

Ask and you shall seek

Hi all!

Today it dawned on me that asking questions wasn’t something that I volunteered myself to do at an early age. I always hoped that someone else would ask the question that I had in my mind. Then I realized that the advantage of  getting older (or wiser) is that you don’t care (as much) that you ask questions and seek answers. You begin to not care so much about how other people perceive you and to me, that’s an awesome feeling! I’t as if life starts again while you are more aware of who you are.

It’s certainly brave to step out and seek answers. Nowadays, it’s easy to just hear some facts and believe them to be true, not knowing that perhaps your source was wrong. In that instance, seeking truth, answers and questioning things would be extremely helpful not only to your knowledge but to able to go by facts and not gossip.

When learning, asking good, quality questions is also important. It shows that you’ve thought about the topic more than what’s on the surface. Ask a great question shows how you are using your critical thinking skills and that you show much interest in learning and moving forth.

So don’t be afraid to ask questions, I sure won’t be =)


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