Be Able to Find Peace


Peace is something that we sometimes forget to give to ourselves and to others and what pain it may be to live without knowing peace. My heart of peace especially goes out to the Boston Marathon Explosions and I surround all the victims with love, light and healing. I’m definite that it’s hard to grasp what the victims and community have witnessed and it will take some time to heal their pain. Let’s continue to pray & bless them. 

Finding peace plain and simple comes from within ourselves. But what exactly does that mean and how on Earth do we begin to do that?

After reading and resonating with Buddhist teachings, self-development books and audios, I found that peace is easy to obtain when we’re emotionally and spiritually ready for it to come into our lives.

Here are 5 ways to allow peace to resonate with you everyday:

1. Accept things just as they are – Don’t try to change people or worry about  things you cannot control; surrender all your problems and worries to the Universe.

2. Quiet your mind – Either it be meditating or just listening to some peaceful sounds, each day it will give your mind some relaxation and clarity.

3. Be grateful – Peace comes to us when we are thankful for every single thing in our lives, including the good and the bad.

4. Lessen the gossip – Try to not  eavesdrop on the conversations next to you or get into family gossip. Those exact words you may say that are harmful may come back to you in some shape or form. So cut those conversations out of your life and only speak positive of other people.

5.  Affirm only positive sayings – Throughout the day, catch yourself whenever a negative thought comes in and change it with a positive one. The more happier our thoughts, the more happier we remain.

We owe it to ourselves to live in peace, love and harmony. We weren’t placed here to endure long periods of suffering and sadness  Our minds can always be changed when our thought patterns change.

I hope this helps you find peace in your lives because when I see others at peace, I too am at peace.


Sending much peace to you,

3 Replies to “Be Able to Find Peace”

  1. Good tips on finding peace Kim. We do have to surrender a lot of times. Once we realize we can’t control everything, we can live much more in peace! Another method for peace, I’ve found this to be a big one, is forgiveness. Forgiving others and ourselves allows us to have more peace in our lives.

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