Be Able to Help Others

IMG_9045(Tiny needs to see his friend, he might be in need of help!)


Have you ever wanted to help someone out but it would cost you too much so you just didn’t end up doing it?


I was reminded of this today because I heard a  short story about this individual’s father who didn’t want to put in a good word for this other person who wanted to get her feet wet at this certain workplace.


Immediately, I felt disheartened because I thought to myself,  “How hard is it to say something positive about someone else?” I understand that most people take their professional jobs or careers very seriously and they wouldn’t want to jeopardize it in order to get someone hired. However, how much would it hurt just to say something positive about someone else and leave it at that. At least the seed was planted in a respected manner and a window of opportunity could have opened up.


I think that we think too much and we over-analyze what the heart says to do. We create this huge “what-if” bubble that turns into a hundred other bubbles and we simply just give up. We end up keeping our mouths closed and that small opportunity is left closed. I know that there are certain types of situations where we simply can’t help others due to financial concerns or not enough time but your heart knows when you have the capacity to help other people.


I truly do believe that we’re all brothers and sisters and we do have a responsibility to look out for one another.

I’m lucky to have someone that teaches me this lesson almost every day. Those kind acts touch a lot of people in more ways that we can ever know. That’s what makes life richer, enjoying those moments that we get an opportunity and utilize our skills.

I try and re-pay those who have looked out for me, either with sending them positive thoughts, sending them a cheerful text or even sending a birthday card. We all matter and we all need breaks to show how great of a job we can do.

You can always help someone.


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