Be Able to Dig

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share a collection of the rocks that I collected last weekend. It was such a worthwhile experience! My main purpose of getting these rocks and gems is to create honest, powerful and healing energies to all that may wear the pieces that I hand-make. If you had an idea, you can ask me and I can see what I can do to twist something in motion.

Here’s my digging and sorting adventure!

IMG_1249 IMG_1251 IMG_1255 IMG_1259 IMG_1268 IMG_1269 IMG_1270 IMG_1289


Some tips if you decide to go:

-The drive up has a lot of lose, big rocks – drive slow or take a truck if you have one.

-Bring lots of water, some sunnies, SPF and a hot – it gets hot!

-Bring a 5 gal (or less) bucket to bring home all the pieces you want.

-Bring some type of pop-up shading tent to block the sun.

-Gloves recommended but mine got wet after awhile so your hands will get rough afterwards.

-You will get dirty but have fun with it!



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