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Happy holidays hello to everyone!
I know podcasts  have been around for a few years now but my love for it has grown deeper recently. I’ve been listening to podcasts for several months now and I thought I’d just share my two cents on why I enjoy listening to them.

Podcasts are just not the same as listening to the radio because 1: The commercials are zero to just one. 2: Most of the hosts have a credible background of information. 3: You can repeat it, pause and fast-forward it a show. The radio is awesome but sometimes you can choose exactly what topic you wan to hear and with podcast, you get that topic you’re craving for at that time.

5 Reasons why I Love Podcasts:

1. Free ninety-nine: It’s freeeeee! and so accessible!

2. Aha!: Super informative, funny and inspiring. I can get my daily dose of new info., laughter and an added motivational punch. Excellent combo!

3. Speed: A great way to make the time fly by quickly while gathering thought-provoking material. If you’re in the office all day, this is a life saver!

4. Repeat: I can repeat any show and recall anything I forgot or play it again with a friend that I know will truly enjoy the podcast.

5. Bond: Sounds corny but it feels like these hosts are my friends after listening to them so much.

My current favorite podcasts are:



What your your favorite podcasts? Any advice on which ones to check out?


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