Be Able to Make the Best Decisions

This is Simba, only 5 weeks old, had to give him up to my dog-loving friend so he could be adopted into a loving family.

I’ll always remember the short yet sweet time we had together little one!

Hi all!

Simba came into my life very surprisingly and only for a short period of time. He’s adorable, young, innocent and new to the world! I would have loved to raise him into this new and exciting world but given my circumstances, I had to find him a new home.

Luckily, I have a humble friend named Joanne who undoubtedly has a major passion for all dogs. She volunteers a lot of  her time at an animal shelter near her house in addition to adopting and training all dogs as well.

I am so glad to have met her a couple of months ago and it’s always a joy to talk about dogs and their behaviors. She definitely has a special place in her heart for all dogs, which I think is just amazing! So I knew she was the best person to give Simba to. She knew exactly what to do with this young puppy and promised that she’ll take good care of him AND send me pictures of him when he gets adopted by a good family (I can’t wait!)

I know Simba is in great hands!

It was definitely tough having to give up this adorable pup. Nevertheless, the decision I made was one of logic and intuition. I think that the best decisions are made with a clear conscious and a great connection to our intuition.

How do we strengthen our intuition to make better decisions?

  • Through meditation and making it a habit to clear our minds everyday
  • Asking our guides, angels or whomever we seek guidance from to please lead you in the right choice, path, answer
  • Moving towards a karma-free life (Living more humbly, from within yourself and servicing others)
  • Letting go of the past, living in the present and not worrying about the future
  • Knowing that all you do in life is made with the best intentions

We all should consciously can make the best decisions in life especially when we are in tuned with our intuitions, it’s almost like having a supernatural power – to decide on the best decision for the best outcome. Our intuition must be built up on an every day basis, just as when we exercise our bodies, so should we with our minds.

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