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I thought about the concept of value today and how it relates to blogging. Value can come in many shapes and sizes. It can be through an experience that we value something or it can some type of value that was taught to us at an early age. Material things also carry “value” and that too is taught to us through the media and marketing. When we buy something or seek something special, we usually look for its value and worth. In other words, we figure out what this something can provide for us if we either purchase or obtain information from it.

Here are some ways on how you can provide value to others:

  • Be passionate about the topic – Have a genuine interest in it and know your topic inside and out.
  • Teach from experience – Usually the best advice is from an experience we had in the past in which we learned a great lesson. Use that to portray your message.
  • Read books – This is where you can gain a lot of vital information that can help others and gain credibility through facts and figures.

In the blogging world, writing allows me to (hopefully) provide value to my readers and I can only intend that they find my tips/experiences/lessons useful in this lifetime. Growing up, I didn’t have much space to help others and provide some type of value. I was only able to write my thoughts down in a journal and hope that one day my ideas and thoughts can shine through and be able to help others.

4 Replies to “Be Able to Provide Value”

  1. High-value blogging is something I’ve been passionate about a long time! I’ve been blogging in one for or other for 7 years now, and still feel the same desire to share and connection. While social media is vying for much of blogging/bloggers attention, blogs offer more time and space for things that matter to be shared more in-depth about. I love how life is shared via blogging! :o)

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