Be Able to Take in the Good

There are events that happen to us out of nowhere that can bump us out of our happiness path. We typically aren’t ready for it and it comes at an unpleasant time. This even personally happened to me this past week and it wasn’t easy.  In a nutshell, my former colleague who has tremendously helped me a lot this past year was treated unfairly this past week. It especially hurts when you’ve become so close and admire that person you work with, so it’s hard to pinpoint as to how you begin to digest the whole process.

After hours of thinking, I had to get back on my path of happiness and peace. Therefore, I began with my thoughts by taking in all the good that this experience has brought me. I came up with several positive outcomes that this event has taught me which in turn has helped me a lot.

Taking in the good from a good or bad experience is something positive that we can get into the habit of.  Instead of only seeing the bad in a particular situation, we can also see the good in it. The lessons we learn and the experience we gain throughout our lifetime is priceless and no one can take that away from us.

Being optimistic about a negative situation also helps a lot. Adversely, don’t be afraid to feel the pain that a negative situation comes with. We are human and we often can’t hide how we really feel, so express those feelings and get back on the happiness path. In the long run, our positive mindset with bring us so much further than our negative beliefs.

Here are some positive affirmations to allow the good in any situation (Inspired by Louise L. Hay):

I am at peace and the Universe loves me.

I am divinely protected.

I surrender my worries and problems to the Universe.

All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation only good will come. I am safe.

The Universe knows my every need and provides me with it at the right time and the right place.

Here’s to a great week and let the sun shine in!

2 Replies to “Be Able to Take in the Good”

  1. K — good point in how we have to find ways on not allowing outside events to take away our happiness and joy. Seeing the good in a situation and affirmations help. Actually the Dalai Lama suggests the good in any situation and even finding our contribution or fault in any situation that is not going well for us.

    The best part about dealing with having our happiness stolen is to think of it like a practice. The more we deal with, the better we come at it. So using every opportunity to be better at dealing with people/circumstances who may be trying to take our happiness away 🙂 If we do it for the small things, we can do it for the big ones as well!

    Wonderful post.

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