Be Able to Take Rejection


There are as many opportunities as there are fish in the sea


Hi Everyone!

The topic of this post may seem “negative” but as you read on, I hope it encourages you and ignites some sort of happiness sparks ( coming soon!)

Being able to take rejection is something we don’t usually teach our kids or talk much about. It’s sort of a negative topic that we don’t really like sharing. I bring this topic up because I’ve been rejected a couple of time in my 26 years of living and it’s not that fun. Your ego hurts, the people around you feel your pain and it takes a period of time before you can get over it. However, I am a firm believer in managing our thoughts to benefit ourselves and others. Rejection hurts, plain and simple – but how can we can benefit from this experience? There has got to be a silver lining somewhere, right?


  1. It builds character – Not being accepted can bruise our ego or self-esteem (if we allow it.) It can hurt for a period of time but being able to realize that you’re not suited for something or someone  allows you to work harder and be better in another aspect of your life, a particular field or even your basic outlook on life. 
  2.  It’s a sign – The Universe doesn’t want you to be at that particular place or with that particular person at this moment of your life. No matter how hard you wanted it or thought it would be good for you, it may just be a timing issue. Being able to accept that fact also builds your character as one who is understanding and can let things go. Better opportunities are most likely awaiting for you. 
  3. Gratitude is expressed – Being rejected can humble some people in certain aspects and can turn their attention to things and people that they do have in their lives.
  4. Acceptance is practiced – Acceptance aka “surrendering” is the best thing we can do when we no longer have control of what we want and need. We can get caught up by being so eager or anxious that it can definitely take a toll on our bodies. When we practice acceptance or surrendering, we lift that additional stress off our bodies.

Although it hurts, human have the capability of moving forward with life and that’s why I am so happy that rejection exsists. If we look at it in another light, it will help ease any bruises we may have encountered. Life is simply awesome and it will always move forward.


4 Replies to “Be Able to Take Rejection”

  1. Rejection is in fact difficult Kim. I think that’s the one emotion that we all try to avoid in our life! I’ve experienced rejection in my personal life and professional life. It was much worse in my personal life but I’ve been able to take the lessons from it and been able to build character through experience. Also, it has in fact been a BIG sign and now a blessing. In my professional life, politics before, I appreciated being rejected over and over when working on behalf of candidates. Once you hear 100 no’s, you can do anything 🙂 It helps reduce fear and anxiety about asking for anything.

    1. Rejection does build character and it does allow us to take on another level in life. So it certainly is a good thing in the long run. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts Vishnu!

  2. It is funny, isn’t it, how people saying “no” can actually occur as life-threatening — I know I’ve had that sort of experience. When I’ve received “no’s” that seemed (in that moment) particularly catastrophic, I’ve definitely experienced physical symptoms — my heart rate increasing, my breathing getting shallow, and so on — that resemble those of an animal fleeing from a predator. But the more of those experiences I’ve had, the less fearful I am — that much definitely seems true.

    1. That’s funny you mention physical symptoms Chris. That fight or flight response really does kick in. Experience does help to make us see things different. That is one of the reasons I don’t mind getting older because we become more wise and have so much life experiences under our belt.

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