Be Able to Wander (San Francisco & Oakland, CA)

Hi everyone!

Hope your week has been flowing smoothly!

This past week, I was fortunate enough to be able to take some time off from my day-to-day activities and go out and wander in Northern California. This time around,  I was wandering the streets of  Oakland (Glenview District), Daly City and San Francisco. I had my really close friends of mine to accommodate me and show me all the nice points of interests. The weather was perfect outside and I was even able to catch  a walk-through and mini-hike around the Muir Woods National Monument  which was beautiful and refreshing. The clean and crisp air was a nice change from the city air.  Admission was $7.00 and the parking was free but somewhat tough because it was a 3-day weekend. I caught the nice and big Lake Merritt which was in Oakland and it was such a nice day out to row boats. It’s $10 for an hour with a $20 deposit for row boats. In the city of San Francisco  there’s a lot of things to do like shop ’til you drop, take gleaming photos of the buildings or artwork and catch fresh seafood at Pier 39 (Fisherman’s Wharf). The possibilities are endless!


So as you can see, wandering can be fun and can awaken our senses and surroundings. It’s a great time for when you’re ready to move about! Happy travels!

Here are some points I wanted to share about being able to getaway & wander:

  • When the time is right (and you have to find time), go out of your city and wander around. Eat different foods you’ve never tried and look at plants and your surroundings with an open eye. Let all the beauty and fresh air enter you and be in the moment.
  • Breathe easy and enjoy the plans that are made up. Breathe and enjoy!
  • Walk slowly
  • Be able to laugh
  • Ask people friendly questions.

Hope you enjoy!

7 Replies to “Be Able to Wander (San Francisco & Oakland, CA)”

  1. What a wonderful break you had Kim. Great photos, and you look so happy.

    Wander-lust runs deep in me and I love to check out places far from home. Don’t think I’ll ever really settle somehow – ol’ gypsy me!

    And yes, breeeeathe. So many people forget to truly breathe – from deep in the belly.
    It may come naturally to us all, but breathing ‘properly’ is so important.

    Glad you are energised from your wanderings 🙂

  2. That’s funny, Oakland and SF happen to be my neck of the woods — although usually these days I’m there for some kind of networking group, and it would be great to do a bit more tourism, which I can see you had fun with.

    1. Hi Chris. That area is definitely fun to be a tourist in. I’ve been there many times and I’m always in awe of the cool energies and artsy spirit of the area. Hope you have a great week ahead of you.

  3. VERY fun to see some scenes from you break, Kim… You look happy to be away! I love travel and exploring new place, and revisiting favorite haunts too. I like how travel can help change our perspective on things, sometimes even balance our energies. :o)

    1. Thanks Tracy! I was definitely happy to see different thing and I do agree, that sometimes it does balance our energies and puts things in perspective. Hope you have a great month ahead of you, talk soon =)

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