Be Alone

[“Loner” and Happy!]

A “loner” as it was called in my younger years, was someone who didn’t have much friends, who kept to him/herself and kind of dwelt in his/her own thoughts. They weren’t seen as popular, sociable and fun to be around. So thus began the social stereotype of associating a loner as someone who didn’t “fit in”. Contrary to that stereotype, I believe that being alone is a blessing. I think that as we grow older, even after high school, we experience  and build relationships with many other people and sometimes those people begin to be and integral part of our lives. At times we can have so many ties with other people that we often forget to spend time with ourselves, to keep our passion alive and simply be alone. As I noted,, being alone is a good thing! Often times a great thing and here’s why:

Being alone (even for a couple of minutes or hours) allows one to:

  • Clear the useless clutter in the mind: When we are alone, we can think about only the important things that matter to us and not to other people. We can prioritize what we want in our lives.
  • Meditate: If you choose to clear your mind (even for a little bit), your body feels more relaxed, your breathing is slower and your thought pattern is non-existent. You will instantly feel more calm and focused after a short meditation.
  • Slow down: Even though life is constantly moving forward, we have to remember to slow down. I know that there are a lot of people who do everything quick, fast, direct and in an instant, but I am certain that there will be a period of exhaustion and crashing down. So do slow down when you are alone and can re-collect your own thoughts.
  • Be Mindful: When you’re alone, you can better notice things that you haven’t noticed before like the beautiful flowers near a parking lot or the way the sun hits your room at a certain time of day.

Whichever way you choose to spend your positive alone time is healthy because you owe it to yourself to be calm, collective and happy. So the next time you’re alone, remember that it’s perfectly fine and that you deserve to be comfortable and safe with your own thoughts.


2 Replies to “Be Alone”

  1. Absolutely, Kim! I love this. Being able to do things alone is such an important part of my life – I wish more people had this appreciation.

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for sharing. I see what you’re doing in terms of your site and future plans, kudos to you! Can’t wait to see what you will encounter in the new future. Please keep me updated!

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