Be Aware

(Are you aware that there’s a bee  on one of the cactus flowers?)

On my drives to different places, I occasionally listen to self-improvement audios.

Here are some reasons why listening to self-help audios are awesome:

  • Listening to positive talks/affirmations uplifts my spirit
  • Makes me think more positive thoughts
  • It keeps me in the present moment
  • It keeps me very grateful and humble
  • It gets me to my destination quicker

This morning,  I was listening to Louise Hay’s, “101 Power Thoughts” and she had something that resonated very well with me. It was to “Be Aware.” Also known as being present or mindful; it reminded me to notice all the things around me. Especially when I am driving, I have to be aware to stay safe and relaxed. Many of us are so blessed to have our senses to enhance our lives that sometimes we take them for granted. Being aware allows us to hear, smell, touch and feel all that surrounds us. Being aware also allows us to slow down and to take three breaths and listen to our bodies. Whenever you have a couple of minutes of down time, just relax and go within and be aware that everything in your life is happening for you to experience something new and wonderful!


3 Replies to “Be Aware”

  1. Kim,
    I *love* this reminder to be aware.

    One place that’s easy (or – easier, anyway!) is at the end of the yoga class I take – where we very specifically do exactly that – slow down, take a few breaths and focus on the within. And it’s always so, so good for me – to really re-connect with me.

    Now…to do that more deliberately the rest of the week…


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