Be Consistent With Positive Thoughts

Taken at: Downtown Riverside Mission Inn, Riverside, CA

Earlier today, I was thinking about being consistent and how we enjoy positive things that we our consistent with in our lives. If we are consistently on time, we build a good reputation for being on time. If we are consistent with exercising, we stay fit and have more energy. The same goes for being consistent with our positive thoughts and habits.

If we want to see a positive change in our lives, we must start by getting into the habit of consciously choosing uplifting & positive thoughts. Staying consistent in any area of which you trying to excel at is highly crucial as well. It must become a habit in which you repeat the process every day. It isn’t easy at first, a lot of people can tell you that. However, the long-term rewards and the changes that happen within you is very much worth it. Whether it is changing your thoughts, exercising or learning something new, we must make it a consistent  habit of doing it every day.

Here are 3 ways that you can begin forming a positive mental attitude:

1. Immediately when you wake up from bed, say thank you and bless your day. You can also say, “This is going to be a great day!” Whichever you feel most comfortable with is fine, just as long as you repeat a positive phrase when you rise. Do not think about all the things you have to do because you can save that for later. When you initially give thanks when you rise, the more happier your day will unveil.

2. While driving, riding the bus or doing a daily morning ritual, look at the sky or the sun and notice how beautiful it is, give thanks that mothernature has done it again! Bringing you yet another glorious day.

2. Smile at least 3 times at people in the morning or throughout the day.

I hope that helps and here’s to our journey’s to living a happy lifestyle.


11 Replies to “Be Consistent With Positive Thoughts”

  1. GORGEOUS images of that Inn! It has an almost European feeling… Wonderful thoughts shared today, Kim. And I couldn’t agree more. I know when I begin the day with positive thoughts as soon as I wake up, the day often stays flowing on the positive note. And a smile and a laugh both go long ways toward keeping the lift. :o) Happy weekend!

    1. Hi Tracy!

      That’s exactly what I thought the first time I visited there – such a nice European feeling.
      Thanks so much for dropping by, you’re so sweet!

      Keep laughing and smiling!

  2. Excellent thought Kimbundance.

    I thought the photos were from Thailand. By the way, is that you in the photo?

    I 100% agree with you on every points you mentioned. I almost always do the #1..saying thank you prayers when I wake up in the morning…

    Staying blessed and positive.


    1. Thanks Richard!

      These were taken in Riverside, California and yes that’s me in the photo.

      It delights me to hear that you also think positive thoughts in the morning, we are vibrating such great energy for ourselves and the world!

      Keep in touch 🙂

  3. You’re sure that’s LA and not the Alhambra? Wow, I’ve never been there — I’m definitely impressed. Last time I was in your area, I stayed at an Economy Inn or something because nowhere else was open at the hour I arrived — I think checking out the Mission Inn might be in order.

  4. “If we want to see a positive change in our lives, we must start by getting into the habit of consciously choosing uplifting & positive thoughts.”
    so true, thank you kimbundance!very nice post and nice picture.:)

  5. Beautiful pictures!! And yes, they do have an European feel to them, surprisingly.

    I also believe in the importance of being consistent. Energy flows where focused attention goes, I always say.

    Wishing you much love and happiness,

  6. Beautiful photography here! I enjoyed reading your post on being positive. Too often its easy to be grumpy!! Take care and have a positive, great week. (I’m smiling at you now !)

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