Be Grounded (With Nature)

Hi all,

Many people have their own versions of what being grounded means to them. For me, being grounded with the universe through nature is an amazing feeling and can keep that balance that we need in our lives. It’s also a way of coming back to your core and being present. If we are not grounded and our ego takes control of our lives, then it’s most likely that we will come across physical or emotional distress (I am guilty of this!)

Previously in my Spirit Mind group, we talked about the importance of being grounded and how it’s a good idea to make the bare soles of our feet touch the soil, dirt or grass beneath us. My friend, Liz had read a study that said that women who were trying to conceive were asked to walk barefoot on grass or soil in order to have their body align with mother nature. This can help to promote  and radiate growth and  fertility to the woman. It was also said that women in third world countries don’t have nearly as many issues with conceiving because they are constantly walking in soil or grass, therefore being aligned with mother nature and life forms. True or not, I believe that we are all connected and sometimes, one thing can affect another.

With that said, here are a couple of things you can do to stay grounded:

  • Sit down, close your eyes and think about everything  your grateful for.
  • If you’re driving, breathe in deeply and think about the small things you are happy about.
  • Walk around barefoot on grass for a few minutes.
  • Have a picnic, sit on the grass and enjoy your snacks and beverages.
  • Be in nature and marvel at all the beauty that mother nature has created for us.
  • Spend some time with friends or family and talk about your dreams, passions and future endeavors. Be supportive, listen and be encouraging.
I hope you have some time to get grounded soon, it’s an awesome feeling and great for your health!
Do you have special ways that help you stay grounded?

5 Replies to “Be Grounded (With Nature)”

  1. Beautiful, Kim! More and more, the simplicity of breathing, stopping and coming back to the breath and focusing on that, keeps me grounded. A mini-meditation of sorts. It helps during a busy or stressful day. :o)

  2. When I go to the park, I like to take off my shoes so that my feet can touch the ground. I encourage my children to do the same too. It is certainly an excellent way to be connected with mother nature.

    What you have shared about women who are trying to conceive is interesting. It is certainly good to know!

  3. Kim, it’s interesting that you mention this. A few times a week I take my dog out for a walk with no shoes on. I never thought about it from your perspective, but it helps me stay in touch with reality. I know it sounds funny to some, but I like feeling the different textures and ground-types as I walk from concrete to blacktop to grass and sand. My wife thinks I’m crazy but I love doing this whenever I can. For me, it takes me back to my childhood when I hated wearing shoes!

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