Be Transforming


[Ceramic mugs at a ceramic studio in SD]


Our different experiences that we have here on earth are always allowing us to see things in a different light. These experiences allow us to see the good, the bad and the ugly. We get to transform our minds into seeing what’s out there and what lies ahead of us.

My Personal Transformation 

For me, I feel like I’ve transformed my way of thinking about life. Instead of even being judgmental, critical and irritated, I try my best to think of being happily grateful in the present moment that I am in. Although I haven’t always had the  best  attitude at everything that I did in my past, I have brandnew days to become a better person and constantly improve what I do.

Snapping Back to Reality

Some people use a rubber band or hair tie to snap them back into thinking about something more positive and I think this is helpful when you begin drifting off into negative land. This allows you to remember to snap back into the present moment and enjoy every single thing. Sometimes we may be in a situation where nothing is enjoyable for us or we’re in a conversation with people who are gossiping and using that rubber band allows us to remind ourselves that we are not to judge other people. This ability to come back to the present moment is transforming our minds and allows us to come from within and remain humble and grateful.

Starting out

Start small and don’t get discouraged when things aren’t going the way you planned. Just come back to your center (your humble being) every time your mind drifts off. Say simple phrases like, “I am ok”  or “I am abundant” These phrases help us to generate good thoughts into the universe. Think how amazing it would it be if we all started small by thinking  positive thoughts and thus generating blessings throughout the world? We would begin to radiate more love, peace and light to the whole universe and what a transformation that would be.

See each day as a life-changing transformation and keep improving!

7 Replies to “Be Transforming”

  1. Hi Kim — I’ve never heard of the rubber band snapping idea, but it sounds similar to what I do in meditation, which is to keep practicing bringing my attention back to my physical sensations whenever I find my mind drifting off. It’s so much more pleasant to focus on my immediate sensations than ruminating about the past or future.

    1. Hi Chris, that’s a great way to come back into alignment. During meditation, I imagine a great big, white light and that brings me back to my core. Hope all is well with you!

  2. nice little piece of thoughts.

    I think snaps are great for people as we are often led to wandering thoughts.

    The rubber snap is a great idea… I remember watching a movie about a troubled girl(not sure if that was the case), and she has a rubber band on her wrist snaps it every time she wanders off to an imaginary world or afraid of something.

  3. Very interesting with the rubber band trick… I could do with that when my mind drifts during seated meditation. Usually I try to just return to consciousness of the breath if I feel I’m drifting… but a rubber band snap might add a bit more physicality to the practice. ;o) Any must say, I love those ceramics in the image… beautiful colored glazes!

  4. I hadn’t heard of the rubber-band technique either. Great idea to snap ourselves back to the present moment when our minds wander and to also be aware to put out positive thoughts in any given situation. 🙂

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