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It’s true that there are many distractions in this physical life. I can admit to this because most times I get so caught up in the, “What do I have to do now?” and I forget to breathe and take it slow. I have tried very hard to take three deep breaths throughout my day; inhaling and exhaling very slowly to the point where I fill all my lungs with air. This reminds me to slow down and remember the most over-looked function of our bodies; our breath.

Being mindful helps us to take it slow and of course there are times where things must be done before deadline but taking three breaths will remind us to become centered and remember out true purposes in life. I see people who are so rushed and stressed throughout their day and I think to myself, “Relax, it’s ok! Your world does not surround around just one thing!”

So here are 3 things that can help you to quickly de-stress throughout your day:

1. Take 3 Deep Breaths: Inhale fully in and exhale fully out and clear your mind while you’re doing those 3 breaths. This may center yourself and make you feel more grounded.

2. Think & Smile: Think of something really funny or something that makes you smile, this will remind you of simple joys and true happiness. Smiling is also a way to send messages to your brain that you are happy! So try smiling at other co-workers you pass by or even strangers on the street, you’ll never know how it may brightens someone else’s day.

3. Drink for Clarity: Drink WATER and as you take a sip or gulp, think pure, fresh and new thoughts. Just as water is pure, re-freshing and good for you, so are positive thoughts. More positive thoughts equals a happier and more energetic  day.

I hope these quick tips helps you to be more mindful and swiftly get through your day!

3 Replies to “Be Mindful”

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  2. Good point about drinking water. I don’t drink enough water at all. Also good reminder about smiling! Smiling, even a fake smile, tells our brains we’re happy. Great blog and I look forward to reading more.

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