Be Happy

[Chinese New Year decor at the Hsi Lai Temple. Hacienda Heights, CA]

Once in awhile, I’ll get that famous question, “How can I can be happy?” or that phrase, “I don’t think anyone is truly happy.

In response to that, I’ve decided that there are 7 keys points that can will change your views on life and thus creating TRUE happiness in your life.
Listen to your intuition (or that gut feeling): This is something that you hear all the time and it stands true. Your intuition is something that is always true and will allow you to make the best decisions in your life. When making decisions, go for the one that truly makes sense to you, the one that feels right, not forced.
Find your passion: Listening to your intuition can help you find something that you are truly passionate about. Finding your passion may take a little courage to step outside of that comfortable box that you live in. However, never force yourself to do something you are not intuitively do not want to do. Take up a class in your favorite activity, read a new book that you’ve never heard of, etc.
Be grateful: Being grateful is what makes the universe smile. You are given things because you are deserving of them and you should be thankful for everything in it. Even if it’s the water that you use to wash your face or the alarm clock that went off this morning, acknowledge that you have it and say, “thanks!” Being grateful really allows you to have more.
Surround yourself with people who care: When you are surrounded with people who truly care about you and support you and your future, then that growing love will expand and make you feel more creative and happy =) If you live alone, surround yourself with light, envision a huge white light around you. Imagine that peace and love surrounds you every single day.
Ask for what you want: Spend some time figuring out what you want and write it down, keep that sheet of paper and recite it to yourself over and over. Imagine it already in your life. Feel it! Envision yourself already in that state of what you want.
Be kind to your mind: We think 60,000 thoughts a day and many of those thoughts are the same thoughts we had of the day before that and the day before that. Wake up in the morning and decide to choose NEW thoughts, positive thoughts. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, “What can I do to make you happy today?” And listen, listen to what your body is telling you to do. (Louise Hay taught me this).
Lessen the EGO: This is a huge one because we don’t even know when our ego is thinking or if it’s us who are thinking. The ego feeds off superficial things, not inner things. When our ego becomes too big, we can’t listen to what we really want in our lives. I intend that these pointers help you out to better the advancing of our human consciousness development.
With gratitude,

7 Replies to “Be Happy”

    1. I think these visualizations of self afrifmations are a wonderful practice. Something about connecting a body part to an affirmation makes it more powerful I really like this. And like you said, this method can very easily become a daily practice since showers and baths are already part of our routine. Cheers!

  1. To Be Yourself You Need To Understand Your Ego I feel this is the most important part of your aritcle for if you cannot quiet the mind you will not experience true joy and happiness and it is generally ones ego that creates most of the noise.[]

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