Be Able to Visit the Integratron

Hi everyone,
Grab a cup of your beverage & check out my video for my first visit to the Integratron in Landers, California.

I was fortunate enough to get here and I am so happy I did, this place was a nice meditative getaway for me.

After surgery, my body went through a lot and being in this vibrational frequency location gave me so much clarity and cleared a lot of stagnant energy.

Can’t wait to visit again! It was such a worth-while and peaceful experience.

Visit their website to get all the info. you need on your visit Integratron 

Thanks for stopping by!


Be Able to Skydive

Hi everyone!

Holy GUAC! This year has been one that I’m definitely grateful for!

For all of you in the States, I hope you all are enjoying the nice, long Thanksgiving weekend. So grateful for many experiences this year and for all you who take the time to come to this space and hopefully get some value. Thank you!

Also, incredibly grateful for being alive after my first tandem sky dive this afternoon in Oceanside, CA!

It was out-right crazy and very out of the ordinary. The ocean-view and scenery was well worth the slight panic attack.

FullSizeRender (1)

This experience is so mind-boggling; you just want everything to go right and not mess up because…well, you don’t want it to be your last plane ride! If I had to offer some tips for prospective divers, I’d recommend these 5 tips (they normally don’t tell you in the reviews):

1. BREATHE – Through your nose is typically more normal but I kept breathing through my mouth which looked incredibly weird on my skydiving video.

2. ENJOY – Try to enjoy the scenery even though you may be recovering from intense panic mode (well at least that was my case.)

3. TRUST – When you go with your instructor, they will guide you in the air so don’t worry about getting things right. You’re in great hands!

4. YAWN – Popping ears will be normal, mine are still clogged after 9 hours. (They’re slowly clearing up as I type.)

5. STRETCH – The harness is placed quite tightly on your upper body and inner thighs, so do a good stretch before getting strapped on. Some soreness around the inner-thigh area can happen & small bruising is possible from getting out of the plane and with landing. (Landing for me was smooth! You’ll either land on your feet or on your butt as if you’re sliding down on a slide.)

Feeling super fearless right about now. Maybe you’ve tried it? or want to try it?


Be Able to Visit Shanghai, China

Hey go-getters!

You know that feeling when you just need to get away (far away!) from the regular grind?

I was lucky enough to do that!

I wanted to share my memorable recollections from my recent trip to Shanghai, China. It was a that trip that was long overdue, relaxing & meaningful.

The authentic food, the aroma of spices, the shopping and the amount of people – it was all new to me yet it felt so relatable. I  was fortunate enough to be able to take it all in with no expectations or fears, it allowed me to see what the city had to offer. A trip I can definitely see happening again & again in this lifetime.

3 things I’ll take with me from this trip: 

-There are a lot of nice people in the world, you just have to be a nice person yourself and expect nothing in return.

-Be grateful for your current situation even if it doesn’t make any sense. You’re in this very moment for a reason, even if it’s just to be and breathe.

-Bring tissue everywhere you go!

And yes…I did see the sun.


The view from Ayi’s condo in the A.M.

IMG_0046 - Copy

One of the many pristine malls with several floors!

IMG_0118 - CopyIMG_0116

Parkson at the mall, equivalent to a Macy’s

IMG_0065 - Copy

Bruce Lee M&M, I had to!

IMG_0100 - Copy

The locals’ means of transportation; scooters, the subway, taxi or by foot! ( Super like!)

IMG_0059 - Copy

 Bullet train to Suzhou (Must see more of this nature city when I come back)














The Bund the west bank of the Huangpu River

IMG_3189 IMG_3211 IMG_3165 IMG_0161 IMG_0152



Detailed pagoda in Quibao


Didn’t seem like that many people at the time 😉


Xitang, Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province, where a part of Mission: Impossible III was shot

IMG_3229 IMG_3230

Just off the subways stops…


Yu Garden, a classical garden in downtown Shanghai. So pretty!


The Food! 

Loved their immense breakfast options at this one restaurant. Super affordable!

IMG_0070 - Copy

In Qibao Ancient Town you’ll find, fried shrimp & crab


Hot & Sour Soup, Tofu, Bok Choy, Veggie Dumplings and Spicy Squid (That squid! So freakin’ amazing!)


Potatoes and squid on skewers….


L to R: Eggplant, Dumplings and Cucumber with pork


Familiar Chippy’s

IMG_0049 - Copy

The Jing’an Temple is a Buddhist temple on the West Nanjing Road in Shanghai, China.

IMG_3510 IMG_3519IMG_0361 IMG_0366 IMG_0368 IMG_0370

A definite must see city! Til next time!


Be Able to Wander (San Francisco & Oakland, CA)

Hi everyone!

Hope your week has been flowing smoothly!

This past week, I was fortunate enough to be able to take some time off from my day-to-day activities and go out and wander in Northern California. This time around,  I was wandering the streets of  Oakland (Glenview District), Daly City and San Francisco. I had my really close friends of mine to accommodate me and show me all the nice points of interests. The weather was perfect outside and I was even able to catch  a walk-through and mini-hike around the Muir Woods National Monument  which was beautiful and refreshing. The clean and crisp air was a nice change from the city air.  Admission was $7.00 and the parking was free but somewhat tough because it was a 3-day weekend. I caught the nice and big Lake Merritt which was in Oakland and it was such a nice day out to row boats. It’s $10 for an hour with a $20 deposit for row boats. In the city of San Francisco  there’s a lot of things to do like shop ’til you drop, take gleaming photos of the buildings or artwork and catch fresh seafood at Pier 39 (Fisherman’s Wharf). The possibilities are endless!


So as you can see, wandering can be fun and can awaken our senses and surroundings. It’s a great time for when you’re ready to move about! Happy travels!

Here are some points I wanted to share about being able to getaway & wander:

  • When the time is right (and you have to find time), go out of your city and wander around. Eat different foods you’ve never tried and look at plants and your surroundings with an open eye. Let all the beauty and fresh air enter you and be in the moment.
  • Breathe easy and enjoy the plans that are made up. Breathe and enjoy!
  • Walk slowly
  • Be able to laugh
  • Ask people friendly questions.

Hope you enjoy!

Be Relaxed (Laguna Beach, CA)

Hi everyone!

Exciting news – I just joined the 30 Day Blogging Challenge (#30DBC) via @notagrouch He invited me to take on this challenge that for 30 days straight, we are to put up a new post for 30 consecutive days. It started on Thursday, November 1, 2012 so I am playing catch up! I only hope you all will enjoy the posts I put up, even if they’re just pictures, ramblings or whatnot =) If you’d like to join, I believe it’s not too late, just message him here

This past few days were spent at a mini-getaway at Laguna and Newport Beach, California. I honestly couldn’t ask for more perfect weather and of course… food!  I really needed this because I’ve been busy with the 9-5 and it does take a lot out of me. I was in dire need of some relaxation and for me, I think that it’s very important to get away and calm your mind and body. Grounding yourself and keeping your core is essential to good health and happiness.

We  should relax on days were we can take a breather and enjoy different scenery and smells that surround us. Even if we can’t necessarily go somewhere far or different, we can be grateful for all of our senses and just forget about things that are worrying us. Troubles are a big part of what makes us anxious and can really put a strain on our bodies that’s why we literally have to stop, find a quiet place and relax our minds. I am guilty of not taking my own advice, this past week I was putting more and more on my plate that I forgot to relax and rest. As a result, I got a horrible sore throat and cold (not fun!)  That’s a perfect example of my body telling me that, “Hey! you need to slow down and relax mam!” So being sick necessarily isn’t a bad thing for me, it’s a reminder that for next time, I better take care of myself.

I’m sure a lot of people have different ways of relaxing, here are some ways to relax and rest:

  • Sleep! Have ample sleep so that your body can re-charge and renew itself, I know some people only need x-amount of hours to sleep but if you can sleep in, your best bet is to actually sleep in and use that time to re-charge. Think of your body as a battery pack, like your cellphone, if you don’t charge it for awhile, it will run our of battery and your can’t use it anymore.
  • Meditate – I know that this comes with a lot of practice but meditation definitely relaxes the mind a body. You’re read the studies about its benefits, so why not try it for at least 10 minutes to clear out the clutter in your mind. You can sit down, close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths while only concentrating on your breath. Keep your mind clear and clutter-free and you will feel a serene peace throughout our body afterwards.
  •  Go to a local park and read or breathe- This is a great way to clear your head and get into something completely different.

Be Consistent With Positive Thoughts

Taken at: Downtown Riverside Mission Inn, Riverside, CA

Earlier today, I was thinking about being consistent and how we enjoy positive things that we our consistent with in our lives. If we are consistently on time, we build a good reputation for being on time. If we are consistent with exercising, we stay fit and have more energy. The same goes for being consistent with our positive thoughts and habits.

If we want to see a positive change in our lives, we must start by getting into the habit of consciously choosing uplifting & positive thoughts. Staying consistent in any area of which you trying to excel at is highly crucial as well. It must become a habit in which you repeat the process every day. It isn’t easy at first, a lot of people can tell you that. However, the long-term rewards and the changes that happen within you is very much worth it. Whether it is changing your thoughts, exercising or learning something new, we must make it a consistent  habit of doing it every day.

Here are 3 ways that you can begin forming a positive mental attitude:

1. Immediately when you wake up from bed, say thank you and bless your day. You can also say, “This is going to be a great day!” Whichever you feel most comfortable with is fine, just as long as you repeat a positive phrase when you rise. Do not think about all the things you have to do because you can save that for later. When you initially give thanks when you rise, the more happier your day will unveil.

2. While driving, riding the bus or doing a daily morning ritual, look at the sky or the sun and notice how beautiful it is, give thanks that mothernature has done it again! Bringing you yet another glorious day.

2. Smile at least 3 times at people in the morning or throughout the day.

I hope that helps and here’s to our journey’s to living a happy lifestyle.


Short San Diego Trip

San Diego, California has great weather and places to dine and shop. I’ve gone here a couple of times throughout my life and thought I’d share some memorable captures in the city.

View of the Coronado Bridge

The biggest kite I’ve ever set my eyes on!

It’s a pirate ship!

Dole products coming in!

Super-cool walkway bridge from the Hilton hotel to the Gaslamp Dist./SD Convention Center/Petco Park

The Gaslamp District – it comes alive at night.


Sydney, Australia (With Pictures)

Sydney Opera House/Sydney Harbour Bridge

Hunter Valley Gardens (Somewhat like Napa Valley, CA)

Anzac Bridge

View of Sydney buildings from the SkyWalk

On July – August 2011, I went on a whim and visited my awesome cousins and their parents in Fairfield, Australia. from there, it was all uphill!


Top 5 Places to Definitely Check Out:

1. Parramatta Road ($$) – A relaxing and artsy place to grab some coffee (@ Coco Cubano) or have a relaxing lunch or primped-up dinner.


2. Nan Tien Buddhist Temple ($) This is such a beautiful, tranquil and serene temple,  I’ve never felt so peaceful before. My senses were truly awakened there and my soul was SO happy. The city of Kiama is SO relaxing, definitely stop by here after you balance yourselves at the temple. 










3. Sydney Fish Market ($$) For all you seafood lovers! This place is so filled with fresh seafood goods. Only be careful if you sit outside to eat, the pigeons are pretty fearless. 



















4. Royal Botanic Gardens ($) – This botanical paradise is home to diverse bird-life and plant species. You can have a picnic, ride your bike or go for a jog here and it’s so peaceful!










5. Bondi Beach ($$$) – It’s such a beautiful view to see the homes on the hills against the beach view. A very different vibe to Malibu or Newport Beach, CA. There are shops and coffee places to enjoy too.


















Top 3 Reasons why Kimbundance Enjoyed Sydney, Australia:

1. The Energy – According to Eckhart Tolle, there is less “pain body” in countries where no war was fought, IE Canada, Australia, Switzerland. With that said, Sydney felt very light and agreeing to my vibration. Decisions were made easier and smoother and various situations flowed in a rhythmic pattern.

2. The Vibe of the City Life – Sydney reminded me of NYC meets San Francisco, that’s the only way I can really put it. Restaurants and Stores were open later on Thursday nights and it felt very much alive there. There’s much to do and places to see and a big plus for me is that there are so many beaches!

3. The people – Very hard workers and generous yet very humble and simple.

Of course I was there on vacation but I really looked at it from a unbiased point of view. All locations have their own share of pro’s and con’s but as afar as what I felt there, I truly enjoyed it.

Until the next time I get to go down unda!


Soul Searching in Sedona

I’d call myself lucky to be able to see the “Red Rocks” that are located in Sedona, Arizona. I first went there in the Summer of 2009. The energy there is beautiful and being surrounded by red rocks is truly amazing! Every day I looked outside my window, it was surreal gazing up at the mountains, it was a truly great experience.


Here’s an except from a previous blog in which I explained my thoughts before going on my first trip to Sedona, Arizona.

I will be leaving for Sedona, Arizona in a few days and WOW am I excited! There is some preparation that must be made before going in terms of finding my clear intentions and soul searching that I would like to clear out in my life. I know that there are some things I’d like to change about myself and with some people who may not understand me but I intend to have an equal and positive experience with everyone after this experience. I also intend to fully understand what it is to be at complete peace with oneself. I know that sometimes it’s easy to slip into old habits and forget what life is really about. Ultimately, I intend to just humbly live as a person who loves life and everything it stands for.

Keep on with your positive intentions and best wishes!