Be Creative- My Ceramics Class

I’ve always wanted to take ceramics but I never had the chance to in high school or college. So now that I have some time, I get to take a ceramics class! This allows me to learn proper throwing techniques and ways to be super creative. It’s really fun being able to being home things that you actually put together yourself.

The whole process starts with an idea of something that you would like to make. Once you get the amount of clay you want to use, you start wedging the clay and depending if your free-handing or throwing the clay will depend on the next steps. Once you’ve completely finished making your item, depending on the weather or room temperature, proper drying will take 2-4 days.  It must be properly dried before it gets fired in the  bisque (this is where the items go to become hardened so it won’t break in the glazing fire). Once that is done, you can glaze it with any color that’s available. It’s important to be patient here and pay attention to detail. Once you’re done glazing, it is fired again and firing takes a couple of hours.

So ceramics is a week’s process and that makes me grateful for all the ceramics items I have at home.

















































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