Be Grateful for 2012

Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for joining me through this blessed year.


I truly appreciate all of you for stopping by and hopefully gaining some new tips and words of encouragement.

Tomorrow is the last day of 2012 and what an amazing year it has been. I know we all go through different experiences everyday which in turn creates a more beautiful life. I do heart-fully intend that you all have a wonderful 2013, filled with abundant laughter, love, safety, good health and prosperity.

If you’re having some trouble on setting your new years resolutions or intentions,

I’ve come up with some great ideas on some powerful thoughts to bring in for 2013:

-Be grateful for everything you have in your life right now, for the Universe knows what you need and want in this lifetime.

-Never take anything or anyone for granted, everyone is in your life because they are here to teach you something.

-Be humble and always come from within your heart, your intuition knows exactly what’s good for you; listen to it.

-Do not lead with your ego and pride.

-Clearly set your intentions and visualize what you want in your life, whether it be writing it down on paper or typing it up. Let it be precise and to your liking.

-Clear all negative thoughts for they are just toxic to your mind.

-Give love and you will receive love.

-Forgive those who have hurt you this year and send them love and light.

-Bless those who have it harder than you and send them light and safety.

-Call, text, e-mail or visit your family members, for they love and miss you.

-Venture out and see what’s out there, there may be a whole different life outside your city or country.


I hope those spark some good thoughts and continue to encourage you and those around you!


Happy 2013 and have a meaningful new year.  

2 Replies to “Be Grateful for 2012”

  1. Love all what you’re doing to inspire others!! Hope you have a blessed, Happy New Year!! and congratulations for being promoted in such a short span of your job experience!!

  2. Glad to know that you’re grateful for the life you led in 2012. I know I definitely am — yesterday I was recognizing how I basically live in paradise (Northern CA) and, generally, get to do exactly what I want with my life.

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