Be in a Tough Spot



Earlier this week, I was swindled by a car repair shop and I kept thinking to myself,  “How this was attracted into my life?”  To me, I interpreted it as the universe telling me that I need to be reminded of a lesson, which I’ve come to as – To not do business with someone when your intuition is knocking on your stomach and to keep quiet when fishy strangers try and talk to you.

Eventually, I found a positive spin on this situation and thought that perhaps this man may need the funds more than I do or wants some unnecessary bad karma in his life. Whichever the case may be, I do intend only good for him as I know that with bad intentions comes bad responses.

The way I see challenging solutions is that they are experiences that we must go through in order to learn, grow and share.

We learn from difficult situations by knowing what not to do the next time that even happens in our lives. We can divert our attention in different ways, even repeating positive affirmations.

We grow from tough situations by knowing the difference between what works and what doesn’t.

Sharing is a great outcome of a tough situations as well because when we learn and grow from a negative experience then we can ultimately teach and encourage other people as well.

Sometimes we fear a new challenge or a new task, especially when it’s in a formal or professional setting. To over come that fear, just remember that from this new challenge, a new skill and more knowledge will be built. Don’t be afraid to fail and mess up, time and time again because that just means that your closer to getting better at your new challenge.

Learning meaningful lessons in this lifetime is eye-opening , so don’t be afraid to keep experiencing new and positive things!

2 Replies to “Be in a Tough Spot”

    1. Hi Alison, that makes perfect sense! I’m so glad you shared your thoughts here =) and yes, the fear of not trying can definitely hinder us from different things. You never know, you might even love something you feared for so long!

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