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Having safe and common plants in our house and/or office can be highly beneficial to us in various ways. Plants are living organisms just like people; they require water, cleanliness and like attention. Also, since there are hundreds of different household plants, it’s also good to remember that specific plants can bring you specific health benefits. Keep in mind that there are some plants that do no mix well with humans or animals, so it’s important to research some household plants before welcoming them into your home.

So here are 3 basic benefits of having household plants:

  1. They lift our spirits – Seeing a live, lusciously green plant on a daily basis may keep us more calm and relaxed. The idea of seeing a living thing is automatically joyous in our minds.
  2. They help clean our air – NASA studies found that common household plants help to clean our air and remove some toxic emissions such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. There are studies that show that particular types of plants can also negate the smoke of cigarettes and can help with allergies.
  3. They keep you in the present moment – When you water your plant and clean its leaves, you are enjoying the moment and the universe likes to know that you are grateful. Taking care of plants will remind you of how wonderful life is and to slow down.
Here are some tips to keep your indoor plants alive and healthy:
  • Make sure they are in a well-sized pot and they have room to grow.
  • It they require soil and they need to be replanted, keep the soil that they came in and just add more soil to the surrounding areas.
  • Keep the soil moist but not too damp.
  • Water often and clean their leaves of dust so they can grow healthier.
  • Cut their yellow or brown tips with a scissor.
  • Know your plant!  if they require direct sunlight, place them in a spot that gets a lot of light, if they require some or no sunlight, DO NOT place them in direct sunlight. I know my bamboo plants do not like direct sunlight as much as my tropical plant does, so do some research on the plant you’re getting so you know how to best take care of them.
  • Get a water bottle spray and spray their leaves and soil, plants love this.
Here are some sites that talk more about the benefits of having house plants:

Hope that helps you and good luck with your plants!

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