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Hi all,

This weekend, my mom shared this helpful video with me. It was shared to her by a friend and it visually shows fairly simple moves on reducing stress on the spine. I’m currently 25 years old but I have noticed pressure on my spine on several occasions.


Sometimes I feel as if gravity pushed down on the spine and sometimes, it just needs to stretch. I usually don’t mind it much but I have been looking for holistic ways to reduce the tension. Luckily, I ran across this video and I immediately headed to my yoga mat and tried these moves out. The results aren’t immediate but the simple exercises has relieved the tension on my spine.

For me, I just mimicked exactly what the man is doing in the video. However, I didn’t do that last move as I haven’t felt comfortable doing it just yet.


Here’s what the original except included: 

This video very good for relieving backaches and correcting bad spinal alignments from bad postures etc. I provided a simple English translation of the guide at the end of this writeout. The following guide is an excerpt from explanation given by demonstrator in the video and translated to English (by myself):
1st move: Lie flat on your back, bend knees and rotate lower body from side-to-side relaxingly without using strength or stressing the muscles. From time to time, pause and massage abdomen and waist to relieve tense muscles.
2nd move: Almost similar to 1st move, but rotate upper body together. Hands pointing about 45 deg downwards, cannot be straight down, or too high up. Make sure top of head, hips & feet always in contact with the ground when rotating, or else this exercise will not be effective. Again, relaxingly without using strength or stressing the muscles.This step helps to straighten the spine. If you are suffering from back discomfort, do 2nd step for longer time per session (continuously up to 2 hours no problem).** Please ignore the exemplary move where both feet were brought up to hip level and held onto by hands and body being rolled from side-to-side. This move is not in the routine, it was merely a demonstration.
3rd move: Lie flat on your back with arms raised slightly above shoulder level. Wiggle your hips up/down, your feet will look like they are in stepping motion. First do with toes up, and repeat. Then switch to toes down and repeat. Again, relaxingly without using strength or stressing the muscles. Those with bad spinal alignment will feel discomfort when doing 3rd move, it is suggested to spend longer period doing the 2nd move.
When the spine gets straightened slowly after multiple sessions, the discomfort during the 3rd move will go away.These few short moves will help a lot of people. I hope that you can share it out because somebody might be suffering much worse than myself and in need of guidance to relieve spinal related discomfort or pain. I’m thanking you on their behalf.
*Disclaimer: This video is being shared only as a guide as I find it to be effective through my personal experience stated above. I’m not the original owner of this video as it is currently shared by multiple users on Facebook & Youtube. Also, I’m not a medical practitioner and I shall not be held liable to any injuries experienced by viewers who used this guide.”

Hope this can help you or others in the same situation.


8 Replies to “Be Able to Relieve Spinal Discomforts”

  1. Thanks Kim.
    I’ve been doing these exercises for a week and my back definitely feels so much looser. After each session, my spine feels deliciously pliable.

    I also use a foam roller for my back when I get those niggly little pains after a long working day with my back in a slightly bent position – it works wonders for getting out the kinks.

  2. Hi Kim — yes, I find poses that involve a spinal twist helpful as well — more flexibility in my lower back seems to create more flexibility in terms of how I can interact with people as well. It’s funny how that relationship works.

    1. Hi Chris, that is interesting how those two work together. I’d guess that it would have to deal with posture and again, when our bodies feel good, our who mindset feels good too!

  3. Hi Kimberly,

    I am sorry to hear about the tension in your spine. Thank you for sharing these exercises. I am going to remember this for the next time I need it. I tend to get tension in my neck. I’ve noticed that for me it happens when I am feeling stressed.

    Have a great week!

    1. Hi Wendy,

      Yes that neck tension from stress can be painful. I usually try to get an Eastern massage every other week (or so) and they do a great job taking those kinks out. It really helps! Other than that-meditation (like you do) & yoga =)

      Thanks Wendy for dropping by, talk soon!

      Have a great week as well.

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