Be Unique

Upon gathering some cracked-open seashells at the beach one day, I realized that no two shells where alike and that no two people in this world are alike. I thought that that was really amazing because from that realization, I can truly appreciate different attributes from different people.

There are times when we may judge too quickly when we see someone or something that is “different” and we forget to notice the good and beauty in other people and/or other things. I think society always tries to dictate what is “normal” and what isn’t.

Ultimately, this perspective takes away our own sense of opinions and views. Being open and non-judgmental are great attributes to have nowadays because it lets us see more of what life has to offer. If we shy away from what is different, we shy away from reality. What a better place this would be if we could only accept and realize that different is reality.

2 Replies to “Be Unique”

  1. It is so nice that you use things from nature to remind us that all of us are unique and that no two persons are exactly alike. And yes, to accepting our differences and appreciating diversity!

    Thumbs up to your post!

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