Be Open to Opportunities

What you are afraid to do is a clear indicator of the next thing you need to do. -Dr. Robert Anthony

Taking on new opportunities can be somewhat challenging at first. We have to figure out if we have enough time, knowledge and will power to take on something new. What blocks us at first is fear and that is a strong feeling that we have become adopted to, especially when we are going to do something new. However, fear is a part of our ego and our ego always wants to win us over by making us feel like we know it all but you cannot let them win and it is ok to learn.  From my experiences, taking on new and different opportunities are the surprising gifts that the universe gives us. Once we take on a new opportunity, we learn things about ourselves and other people.

Here are some reasons to take on new opportunities:

  • We step out of our comfort zone: We may meet interesting people or potential close friends who we share meaningful conversations with. We can learn about other people’s point of views or hobbies we never took much interest to.
  • It keeps our minds busy and in curious: We must exercise the brain every day to keep it sharp and alert. Trying something new, keep the brain busy and seeking for more knowledge.
  •  Discovery: It also allows us to find out new things about ourselves and I believe that when we find out new things about ourselves, it’s like unwrapping a new gift! How special and amazing would that be.
How to Let Opportunities Come in…

1. Let go of something that you’re (kind of) addicted to

Ex. Signing on Facebook every day, drinking that extra glass of wine, going shopping for no reason, gossip talk.

Once you let go of these things, you’ll notice more clarity and open space in your life.

2. Repeat positive affirmations

Affirmations are statements that quickly shifts our minds think of something we want to attract into our lives. We just say it in our minds and we believe it to already be true. Make sure they are positive affirmations that are good for all people involved.

Ex. of a positive affirmation that should be said at least once a day:

“I’m truly grateful for all of the things in my life, the good and the bad and I firmly intend to attract new and exciting opportunities to come into my life.”

3. Clean your living space

Feng Shui is the belief that when a room or area is in harmonious balance, good things will come into our lives. Therefore, a room or living space must always be clean and organized. This way, it’s easy for good energy to flow into our lives.

Ex: Clean and/or organize your office or desk area, that is the most important especially if you’re looking for job opportunities. In reality, all parts of your living space should be clean for good things to come into it.

So I encourage taking on new opportunities and being open to change and new concepts. If something works well for you then great! Keep going! If not, then it’s always ok to move on to the next. Good luck!

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