Be Successful

We sometimes see successful people and think how hard they must have worked to get to that position. It’s uncanny to even think how much work and dedication they put into building a great business. The truth of the matter is that there are several ways to becoming a successful individual. To be honest,  you can’t necessarily learn it in school, from your friends and you definitely cannot buy it in the store!
It might sound cheesy, but that drive to be what you want to become will come from within oneself. I had found this article that I bookmarked a year ago and I find it most helpful.
Here are 6 characteristics that successful people have and I thought I’d share them since I agree with most of the characteristics from the American Management Association website:

Posting Date: June 28, 2006

As the psychologist for the hit reality shows “The Apprentice” and “Survivor,” Dr. Liza Siegel has seen firsthand the factors that can make or break a contestant when the pressure is on. What she has found, repeatedly, while screening, testing and interviewing each of the programs’ applicants (and serving as the personal escort to “Apprentice” contestants when they are “fired” from the show) is that certain core beliefs and attitudes are shared by those who succeed, both on reality shows and in reality. And, says Dr. Siegel, anyone can learn how to develop these traits.

In her new book Suite Success: The Psychologist from “The Apprentice Reveals” What It really Takes to Excel—in the Boardroom and in Life (AMACOM, 2006), Dr. Siegel offers advice on how to develop the positive mind-set that leads to self-confidence, improved work relationships and other characteristics that breed success.

In Suite Success, Dr. Siegel lists the six essential psychological characteristics of successful people:

1.  Optimism.
 An optimist expects positive outcomes. He doesn’t take failure personally but keeps on trying until he succeeds. Andy Litinsky was a contestant on season two of “The Apprentice” who seemed to be made of Teflon when it came to negative criticisms. When the show aired, Andy was 22 years old and about to graduate from Harvard. A national debate champion, he couldn’t wait to get into the boardroom and showcase his skills. Each time his team lost, he was singled out as being too young, too inexperienced, too uncertain. But Andy rose to the verbal sparring and had fun defending himself. He stayed in the game longer than expected because of his conviction that he deserved to be there.

2.  Creativity. The challenging tasks on “The Apprentice” all require “out of the box” thinking. On season three, Tana Goertz was the last person remaining from the “street smarts” team in the final boardroom. Although she wasn’t “hired,” Donald Trump praised her for her track record and creative thinking. Among other innovations, Tana developed a CD-like pamphlet as part of the advertising assignment for Pontiac; the company liked the idea so much it decided to use it in its actual sales campaign. Not one to rest on her laurels, Tana created a children’s book during the time the show was airing with the aim of sharing it on her press rounds after the finale.

3.  Resilience. Though he was on “The Apprentice” for only three episodes, Sam Solovey stands out from the debut season for his ability to keep popping back up after he’d been knocked down. During the first and second boardrooms, every member of the men’s team placed Sam’s head on the chopping block. But they couldn’t conceal their fondness for him, and Sam wouldn’t suppress his passion. His quirky tenacity inspired producer Mark Burnett to call him a “lion.” In Sam’s last episode, he was the project manager; when the team lost, Trump told him it was finally time to go. Sam let out a roar before leaving the boardroom. Fired but far from defeated, he soon reappeared in the spotlight, on shows from Howard Stern to Oprah, and even on spots with the Donald himself.

4.  Self-Control. The first to win the coveted position of Trump’s “The Apprentice,” Bill Rancic discovered his penchant for building businesses at the tender age of 10. While most of his peers were watching Saturday morning cartoons, Bill was busy making pancakes for his grandmother’s friends, who would slip a five dollar bill under the plate. He credits his pre- and post- “The Apprentice” success to “hard work and dedication.” Throughout season one, Bill worked hard and exceptionally well with his team members. He had learned from an early age that work paid off with a remarkable feeling of accomplishment, which gave him a foundation of self-discipline and self-confidence. As a result, Bill approached problem solving with flexibility and brought a sense of both self-assurance and ease to his interactions with other people.

5.  Emotional Awareness. One of the best examples of perceptive and empathetic leadership “The Apprentice” has to offer is Troy McClain, from the very first season. Hailing from Boise, Idaho, with an easy-going charm and firm principles, Troy made it to the final four, a feat all the more remarkable because he had only a high school education. He couldn’t take time off for college because he was working to help his single-parent mother take care of his hearing-impaired sister. Trump was impressed with Troy’s ability to read a situation and remain poised under stressful conditions. Troy’s intuitive understanding for the feelings of others also impressed clients, from rap mogul Russell Simmons to designer Isaac Mizrahi, and made him a top negotiator on his team.

6.  Sociability. Part of the profile of a candidate for “The Apprentice” is being extroverted and friendly. Kwame Jackson is a great example of a personable leader. His people skills played a huge role in his landing in the final two on season one, especially considering his track record. Kwame had the dubious distinction of being on the losing team 10 out of 12 times! In addition to being smart, and backed by an MBA from Harvard, he had an affable, outgoing nature and easily bonded with all of the other candidates. He found a way to swim in the shark-filled waters of a fierce 13-week job interview without damaging his relationships with his teammates and competitors. Kwame created an environment of trust, which is vital in today’s corporate environment.

Adapted from Suite Success: The Psychologist from “The Apprentice’ Reveals What It Really Takes to Excel—in the Boardroom and in Life, by Liza Siegel, Ph.D. (AMACOM, 2006). 

With gaining new experiences, learning new things and finding your passion, it is quite easy to become & to remain successful.
with gratitude,

Be patient


I am a firm believer in situations happening at the right time and place for any individual. One cannot foresee it or even imagine it happening without a strong intuition but it happens. When this new situation does happen, it can be an awakening. Awakenings teach us something new that we’ve never learned before, it is that “Aha!” moment in our lives that we can either take with a grain of salt or take it with the utmost acceptance.

Everyone in this lifetime strives for something, whether it be a peaceful lifestlye, a perfect career, passive income, that amazing body, or all unlimited happiness. Funny thing is… you CAN have it if you consciously choose to let it be a part of your life. Consciously choosing it means that you live and breathe what you want or would like to see manifest into your life. Whether it be repeating an affirmation or visualizing it in your heads.

To have something you want, you have to be willing to hustle. Back in the day, hustle meant to cheat people and steal them off their earnings. Nowadays, the meaning has turned into a lifestyle or way to make it to the top. Hustle in my opinion, is the work that an average person does not do because of blind fear. Hustle brings out the core of an individual and shows how much they want something to come into their lives in due time.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to want it all and having to do put in hard work because in due time, the best things in life are free and the other things will just be things.


How to Keep your Indoor Plants Alive & Healthy
























Having safe and common plants in our house and/or office can be highly beneficial to us in various ways. Plants are living organisms just like people; they require water, cleanliness and like attention. Also, since there are hundreds of different household plants, it’s also good to remember that specific plants can bring you specific health benefits. Keep in mind that there are some plants that do no mix well with humans or animals, so it’s important to research some household plants before welcoming them into your home.

So here are 3 basic benefits of having household plants:

  1. They lift our spirits – Seeing a live, lusciously green plant on a daily basis may keep us more calm and relaxed. The idea of seeing a living thing is automatically joyous in our minds.
  2. They help clean our air – NASA studies found that common household plants help to clean our air and remove some toxic emissions such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. There are studies that show that particular types of plants can also negate the smoke of cigarettes and can help with allergies.
  3. They keep you in the present moment – When you water your plant and clean its leaves, you are enjoying the moment and the universe likes to know that you are grateful. Taking care of plants will remind you of how wonderful life is and to slow down.
Here are some tips to keep your indoor plants alive and healthy:
  • Make sure they are in a well-sized pot and they have room to grow.
  • It they require soil and they need to be replanted, keep the soil that they came in and just add more soil to the surrounding areas.
  • Keep the soil moist but not too damp.
  • Water often and clean their leaves of dust so they can grow healthier.
  • Cut their yellow or brown tips with a scissor.
  • Know your plant!  if they require direct sunlight, place them in a spot that gets a lot of light, if they require some or no sunlight, DO NOT place them in direct sunlight. I know my bamboo plants do not like direct sunlight as much as my tropical plant does, so do some research on the plant you’re getting so you know how to best take care of them.
  • Get a water bottle spray and spray their leaves and soil, plants love this.
Here are some sites that talk more about the benefits of having house plants:

Hope that helps you and good luck with your plants!

Preparing for 2012


As 2012 comes close, the ever-growing consciousness continues to rise and bloom like a beautiful flower. This consciousness is being in-tune with who we are, knowing what we want in our life and following our passion. There is a shift that is happening and it’s very important that we are ready for this shift. By shift, I mean, “change of consciousness.” To be ready for this shift, I’ve listed a few things we can do:

-Be yourself and know yourself: When you know yourself, you know exactly what you want, how to get it and when to get it. Life flows more smoothly when you know where you stand in terms of your beliefs and morals.

-Be good to yourself and others: Knowing yourself also relates to being good to your body. You know what foods are good for you and the ones that are bad. Taking care of your body is vital because it’s your automobile that gets you though life. Being good to others is also important because when the universe sees us being respectful and thoughtful to other people, the universe will re-pay us with a lot more of great things and experiences.

-Be humble and grateful: Being humble means lessening the EGO. The ego is very, very strong and lessening the ego takes awhile to accept. Being grateful is another state that we must be in. When we are grateful for anything we have, we tell the universe that we accept and we want more of these things to come into our lives, for the greater good of all people.

I hope these things will help you to continue to stay with the new consciousness that is arising.

Peace and gratitude,

Be Happy

[Chinese New Year decor at the Hsi Lai Temple. Hacienda Heights, CA]

Once in awhile, I’ll get that famous question, “How can I can be happy?” or that phrase, “I don’t think anyone is truly happy.

In response to that, I’ve decided that there are 7 keys points that can will change your views on life and thus creating TRUE happiness in your life.
Listen to your intuition (or that gut feeling): This is something that you hear all the time and it stands true. Your intuition is something that is always true and will allow you to make the best decisions in your life. When making decisions, go for the one that truly makes sense to you, the one that feels right, not forced.
Find your passion: Listening to your intuition can help you find something that you are truly passionate about. Finding your passion may take a little courage to step outside of that comfortable box that you live in. However, never force yourself to do something you are not intuitively do not want to do. Take up a class in your favorite activity, read a new book that you’ve never heard of, etc.
Be grateful: Being grateful is what makes the universe smile. You are given things because you are deserving of them and you should be thankful for everything in it. Even if it’s the water that you use to wash your face or the alarm clock that went off this morning, acknowledge that you have it and say, “thanks!” Being grateful really allows you to have more.
Surround yourself with people who care: When you are surrounded with people who truly care about you and support you and your future, then that growing love will expand and make you feel more creative and happy =) If you live alone, surround yourself with light, envision a huge white light around you. Imagine that peace and love surrounds you every single day.
Ask for what you want: Spend some time figuring out what you want and write it down, keep that sheet of paper and recite it to yourself over and over. Imagine it already in your life. Feel it! Envision yourself already in that state of what you want.
Be kind to your mind: We think 60,000 thoughts a day and many of those thoughts are the same thoughts we had of the day before that and the day before that. Wake up in the morning and decide to choose NEW thoughts, positive thoughts. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, “What can I do to make you happy today?” And listen, listen to what your body is telling you to do. (Louise Hay taught me this).
Lessen the EGO: This is a huge one because we don’t even know when our ego is thinking or if it’s us who are thinking. The ego feeds off superficial things, not inner things. When our ego becomes too big, we can’t listen to what we really want in our lives. I intend that these pointers help you out to better the advancing of our human consciousness development.
With gratitude,

How to Start Something New

Indian Chess Set at the Norton Simon Museum 2008

Have you ever taken on a new project or new journey and you feel so intimidated by other peers and other people who know more than you?
I had a feeling like this the other day, however!  I’ve come up with some ideas that can help kick-start the game:

1. Research the topic: Familiarize yourself with what the purpose is of your project or new journey and figure out the best strategy that will help you with your your task. Search through websites, blogs, forums and gain a good understanding of what you’re about to start.

2. Ask around: Ask other people who have done your task before and be open to their advice and suggestions. Ask quality questions that will help you succeed in your new task.

3. Know what fits: If you’re trying to familiarize yourself with something new, make sure you make moves that work best for you, don’t force yourself to do something that doesn’t feel right.

4. Dive in! Put your fears aside and just be yourself and let the new experience sink in. If it goes bad, take it with a grain of salt knowing that you at least tried it.

5. Give it some time: Some of us are faster learners than others but don’t give up right away and give it multiple tries before you decide that it isn’t for you. Make sure you ask others about your progress because they can have constructive criticism that you can’t see with your own eyes.

Hope that helps! And GOOD LUCK!

With much gratitude,

Be Creative- My Ceramics Class

I’ve always wanted to take ceramics but I never had the chance to in high school or college. So now that I have some time, I get to take a ceramics class! This allows me to learn proper throwing techniques and ways to be super creative. It’s really fun being able to being home things that you actually put together yourself.

The whole process starts with an idea of something that you would like to make. Once you get the amount of clay you want to use, you start wedging the clay and depending if your free-handing or throwing the clay will depend on the next steps. Once you’ve completely finished making your item, depending on the weather or room temperature, proper drying will take 2-4 days.  It must be properly dried before it gets fired in the  bisque (this is where the items go to become hardened so it won’t break in the glazing fire). Once that is done, you can glaze it with any color that’s available. It’s important to be patient here and pay attention to detail. Once you’re done glazing, it is fired again and firing takes a couple of hours.

So ceramics is a week’s process and that makes me grateful for all the ceramics items I have at home.

















































Thanks for stopping by!

Be a child


 [Pier @ Newport Beach, CA]

When we were born, all of us were innocent, pure and happy people. We weren’t afraid to do anything but just BE a baby and we certainly didn’t express being self-conscious or greed. Babies automatically knew that they would be taken care of in the most delicate way. As we grow older, we learn how society views us and how to act “normally” around other people. Our innocence is somewhat lost and we try to become somebody else.

But the truth is-we all have a playful,  happy and curious inner-child in us and it isn’t something bad. Having that inner-child in us is actually a good thing. If you think about a little child, they have a sense of imagination and creativity that can go on for days! Nowadays, creativity or uniqueness is a great quality and is asked of in a lot of work places.

We portray these characteristics when we feel free and are not hindered by society and it’s important that we let out our inner child every once in a while. Therefore, don’t be so afraid to act childish (when the time allows for it). Try to go the park and actually ROFL or rather ROGL (“Roll On the Grass Laughing”). That happiness that you extend out into the universe, lets it know that you are happy and grateful and in that moment and with that, all good things will come to you.


Soul Searching in Sedona

I’d call myself lucky to be able to see the “Red Rocks” that are located in Sedona, Arizona. I first went there in the Summer of 2009. The energy there is beautiful and being surrounded by red rocks is truly amazing! Every day I looked outside my window, it was surreal gazing up at the mountains, it was a truly great experience.


Here’s an except from a previous blog in which I explained my thoughts before going on my first trip to Sedona, Arizona.

I will be leaving for Sedona, Arizona in a few days and WOW am I excited! There is some preparation that must be made before going in terms of finding my clear intentions and soul searching that I would like to clear out in my life. I know that there are some things I’d like to change about myself and with some people who may not understand me but I intend to have an equal and positive experience with everyone after this experience. I also intend to fully understand what it is to be at complete peace with oneself. I know that sometimes it’s easy to slip into old habits and forget what life is really about. Ultimately, I intend to just humbly live as a person who loves life and everything it stands for.

Keep on with your positive intentions and best wishes!