Be Grateful


Simply saying the words, “thank you” and expressing gratitude can sometimes be overlooked at times. Especially during hours that we are unconscious of the acts we are doing or when we are being rushed throughout our day. For me, I have noticed what being grateful can do to change your own life and the lives of others. In the morning when I wake up, I immediately thank the universe for allowing for me to wake up and live another day. With those powerful thoughts, I can vibrate at a higher and happier frequency. If I were to wake up and get mad that I had to wake up so early, I would vibrate at a lower frequency of anger and ungratefulness.

Sometimes we can overlook the people in our lives and forget to say, “thank you.” For me, this happens once in awhile and I forget to truly appreciate what others do for me. So perhaps, we can all make it a habit to be more grateful and remember to thank those people, place or things in our lives that help us get through our daily tasks. Our thoughts create our future and what a great future it would be if we could express our happiness through gratitude.


Be Passionate


To me, there are 3 factors that are vital for growth in our lives, these 3 include:

1. Things we have to do in life to sustain a living and further our individual knowledge and development. IE: Going to school, getting that degree, working, etc.

2. Doing things that don’t benefit us as human beings-such as being stagnant, irritable and unproductive.

3. Feeding our passion, which simply means, investing in something that we are really good at and love to do. It’s investing large amounts of time, effort, and energy into something that we find time to do because we love it. IE: painting, cooking, blogging, fixing cars, etc.

Now, number 1 is favored by many because it’s the mainstream and safe choice to make. Don’t get me wrong, number 1 is required in order to learn and gain knowledge, and it’s important too.  Number 2 happens to a lot of us when we lose motivation for our goals and begin to lose sight of the light. I have met some people who have gotten into this state of being and it is hard for them and the people around them, it’s important to give them much light and peace. They are not hopeless, but at a stage of transition or have a different view of life. For number 3, it requires a person to step out of their comfort zone and to take risks that don’t necessarily mean great returns immediately but it is a learning process. And the more risks we take, the more chances we get of making a huge impact on our lives and possibly, the lives of others.

Investing in our passion is something we never learn in school. I can’t recall a time when an elementary or high school teacher told me to do what I love, or engage in some activities that I actually liked to. Getting good grades was the only main goal in school and nothing else.

Therefore, it’s important to keep the good points we learned in school and realize what exactly you’re good at, no matter how off-the-top it may be- just go for it! We live in a society that is starting to shift and if you’re not feeding your passion, a big part of your “living” isn’t really true.

with gratitude,

Be Unique

Upon gathering some cracked-open seashells at the beach one day, I realized that no two shells where alike and that no two people in this world are alike. I thought that that was really amazing because from that realization, I can truly appreciate different attributes from different people.

There are times when we may judge too quickly when we see someone or something that is “different” and we forget to notice the good and beauty in other people and/or other things. I think society always tries to dictate what is “normal” and what isn’t.

Ultimately, this perspective takes away our own sense of opinions and views. Being open and non-judgmental are great attributes to have nowadays because it lets us see more of what life has to offer. If we shy away from what is different, we shy away from reality. What a better place this would be if we could only accept and realize that different is reality.

Be quiet

[Beautiful Buddha statue at a temple in Hacienda Heights, California]

Growing up, I was pretty shy and didn’t speak up much on topics that interested me; I just kept those thoughts to myself. As I grew older, I developed more opinions and had new experiences that made me knowledgeable in more areas. Then I remembered how shy I was when I was younger and how people typically saw that as an “undesirable trait.” Now that I look back, I think that being quiet is a positive trait because it can keep us peaceful and humble. I think that throughout the day, there can be so much noise that it’s important to actually be quiet and go within. 

At times, we can overhear so much gossip and negative talk about others, ourselves and the world we live in. The best thing to do at times like those is to keep quiet and remember that you have placed yourself in a new state of peace in which nobody can make you fall into their negative trap. Speaking negatively about others causes you to be stuck in a rat race of irrelevant fluff.

If we honestly and humbly want our lives to run smoothly and to ultimately be happy, we’ve got to  take  it upon ourselves and not talk bad about others and ourselves, especially the ones we love and care for. Once we stop gossiping and we are unconsciously speaking only good things about others then that’s when we know we start to develop a good state or peacefulness.

Be Joyful

One way I bring joy into my life is being grateful for my dog. 

 Having joy come into our lives is a wonderful feeling. We tend to be more relaxed, happy and overall in a great mood. We can think clearly which allows us to make better decisions and we can encourage other people by motivation and not manipulation.

Here are 3 ways to bring joy Into Your life:

1. Be grateful for every single thing you have. You’ve heard it many times before, there must be some truth to it! Being grateful allows the universe to see that we are thankful and that more goodness can manifest into our lives. When we are grateful, we are not only setting a great  example but we are accepting all that is good or bad in our lives and moving forward.

2. Take a Break. Whether it be a 5 minute break or a whole day, take some time out to either meditate or do some positive affirmations. Repeat these affirmations over and over again. For example you can affirm, “I am abundantly safe, happy and wealthy and all great things surround me.” This is a personal affirmation I like to say myself in the morning and whenever I am walking somewhere. If you are nervous or worried try the affirmation, “Out of this, only good will come, I am happy and in good hands.”

3. Notice Every thing. Look around you and try and find the beauty & usefulness in all things that you can sense; put those 5 senses to use! The more you are aware, the more you will know how much you do have.


Be Accepting

One positive factor that keeps life moving forward is acceptance. It is a form of surrendering and embraces the fact that we will always be given curve balls in life. We are given situations in this lifetime to understand and accept another person or situation for who/what they are. We think that we never choose the situations we are in, when in reality, that’s exactly what we are doing. We always choose what we want and don’t want in life. That’s why the power of intention and visualization is so important.

Having to accept someone or something for its faults makes us more understanding individuals.

So the next time there’s a difficult situation in your life, remember that surrendering all your worries is a good start and begin to accept that there are some things you cannot change (yet). Surrendering has always had a weak connotation to it but it also a form of letting go. Surrendering allows the universe to take full control of your worries and an answer or resolution will arise before you know it!

Be Clear of Negative Energies

Today, I did my first Sage Smudge Ceremony and it was very humbling and peaceful. If you’re unfamiliar with a sage smudge ceremony, it’s a way of getting rid of the negative and/or stagnant energies that linger around ones house or place of stay. It also can get rid of unwelcoming spirits or bad energies. This ceremony originated from the Native American traditions.  According to the ASUNAM website, “Sage is burned in smudging ceremonies to drive out bad spirits, feelings, or influences, and also to keep bad spirits from entering the area where a ceremony takes place.”

I bought some sage at a spiritual store at my local mall and it was already bundles up with some string so it was ready for easy lighting. So prior to smudging my older brother, I opened all the doors and windows to get the negative energies out. Afterwards, I smudged my brother who helped me with it (Basically, I outlined him with the burning sage and under his feet as well) then we went around the house and smudged the corners, cabinets, closets and the downstairs bathroom. We did the same upstairs.

The smell of burning sage is really strong but it has a nice, peaceful feel to it (Very similar to burning incense.) I plan to do this at least once every two-three months or as needed. If you haven’t tried it already, it’s super easy and a great way to let the good energies flow in your space.

Here’s a list of things you’ll need (all pictured above):

-A sage smudge stick ($6-10 dollars at your local spiritual/metaphysical stores)

-A lighter (If you’re under 18 or aren’t good with fire, ask someone to assist you)

-An abalone seashell (those big seashells) OR a clay pot, I had neither so I used some fresh seashell that I collected and combined them together. There are some variations to this, but whichever you prefer is your choice.

REMEMBER: The main thing is to clear out the negative energies, there’s no ultimate wrong or right way to do it, just do what feels right for you and your space. The universe will know what you are trying to do and will help you. Keep open and positive thoughts during the ceremony and be in the present moment.

Happy smudging!


Be Present

Being aware in the present moment is a great feeling. It allows us to slow down and acknowledge every thing around us.  When we are present, we can fully accept the goodness and richness of life. It also allows us to engage in thought-provoking conversations with other people and to really listen. Being present also allows us to give the best support and advice we have by offering that sense of support.

These are some things that completely keep me in the present moment:

  • My 12-year-old dog,
  • Gardening
  • Cleaning
  • Walking with nature

Taking pictures There are a lot of things that can keep a person present, especially practicing Mindful Meditation.  Being mindful of what we are eating and where it came from is a perfect example. Being mindful of where you where your clothes come from and the people who sewed it is also a form of practicing it.  When you are mindful and grateful of the things in your life, more wonderful things may manifest into your life.

It’s fun to be in the present moment because we’re not thinking about the past of the future and it’s a way to bring gratitude into the universe. It’s easy to daydream and jump ahead to the weekend or next month when we are inside a classroom or at a cubicle at work, but that takes away

precious time from living in the moment. You are basically telling the universe,”No thanks, I don’t appreciate this time you’re trying to give me.” Therefore, try for at least 15 minutes of being present and being grateful. In return, you will obtain a great sense of peace and calm.

Be Open to Opportunities

What you are afraid to do is a clear indicator of the next thing you need to do. -Dr. Robert Anthony

Taking on new opportunities can be somewhat challenging at first. We have to figure out if we have enough time, knowledge and will power to take on something new. What blocks us at first is fear and that is a strong feeling that we have become adopted to, especially when we are going to do something new. However, fear is a part of our ego and our ego always wants to win us over by making us feel like we know it all but you cannot let them win and it is ok to learn.  From my experiences, taking on new and different opportunities are the surprising gifts that the universe gives us. Once we take on a new opportunity, we learn things about ourselves and other people.

Here are some reasons to take on new opportunities:

  • We step out of our comfort zone: We may meet interesting people or potential close friends who we share meaningful conversations with. We can learn about other people’s point of views or hobbies we never took much interest to.
  • It keeps our minds busy and in curious: We must exercise the brain every day to keep it sharp and alert. Trying something new, keep the brain busy and seeking for more knowledge.
  •  Discovery: It also allows us to find out new things about ourselves and I believe that when we find out new things about ourselves, it’s like unwrapping a new gift! How special and amazing would that be.
How to Let Opportunities Come in…

1. Let go of something that you’re (kind of) addicted to

Ex. Signing on Facebook every day, drinking that extra glass of wine, going shopping for no reason, gossip talk.

Once you let go of these things, you’ll notice more clarity and open space in your life.

2. Repeat positive affirmations

Affirmations are statements that quickly shifts our minds think of something we want to attract into our lives. We just say it in our minds and we believe it to already be true. Make sure they are positive affirmations that are good for all people involved.

Ex. of a positive affirmation that should be said at least once a day:

“I’m truly grateful for all of the things in my life, the good and the bad and I firmly intend to attract new and exciting opportunities to come into my life.”

3. Clean your living space

Feng Shui is the belief that when a room or area is in harmonious balance, good things will come into our lives. Therefore, a room or living space must always be clean and organized. This way, it’s easy for good energy to flow into our lives.

Ex: Clean and/or organize your office or desk area, that is the most important especially if you’re looking for job opportunities. In reality, all parts of your living space should be clean for good things to come into it.

So I encourage taking on new opportunities and being open to change and new concepts. If something works well for you then great! Keep going! If not, then it’s always ok to move on to the next. Good luck!

Be Open to Affirmations

Affirmations are positive, helpful and wonderful phrases that we should be repeating to our selves at least 3 times a day. It can be repeated out loud or in our minds. The most important part of affirmations is to undoubtedly believe in what we are saying to ourselves. When you say the affirmation, visualize it happening already in your life; feel it, smell it and immerse yourself into that affirmation if you can.

On the other hand, there are also negative affirmations in our minds that we unknowingly repeat over and over. An example is, “I hate my life” or  “Why can’t I catch a break?” It’s hard to break the habit of repeating negative thoughts but once you can identify that you are thinking a negative thought, then you are on your way to choosing positive thoughts. Like with any other positive change to happen in our lives, it will take time.

I’d like to share with you some of the affirmations that I repeat to myself. Feel free to use some of them throughout your day. Louise l. Hay-Renowned author and self-development teacher has helped me to come up with these affirmations. I use some of her affirmations as well; they are beautiful and help me get through the day sometimes.


Below is a video I made to share special affirmations, hope you enjoy it!

Quick Affirmations Video with Pictures