Soul Searching in Sedona

I’d call myself lucky to be able to see the “Red Rocks” that are located in Sedona, Arizona. I first went there in the Summer of 2009. The energy there is beautiful and being surrounded by red rocks is truly amazing! Every day I looked outside my window, it was surreal gazing up at the mountains, it was a truly great experience.


Here’s an except from a previous blog in which I explained my thoughts before going on my first trip to Sedona, Arizona.

I will be leaving for Sedona, Arizona in a few days and WOW am I excited! There is some preparation that must be made before going in terms of finding my clear intentions and soul searching that I would like to clear out in my life. I know that there are some things I’d like to change about myself and with some people who may not understand me but I intend to have an equal and positive experience with everyone after this experience. I also intend to fully understand what it is to be at complete peace with oneself. I know that sometimes it’s easy to slip into old habits and forget what life is really about. Ultimately, I intend to just humbly live as a person who loves life and everything it stands for.

Keep on with your positive intentions and best wishes!


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  1. Absolutely stunning shots! For Canada Day this year I was out on a small saoiblat on the water trying to get a few photos of the fireworks impossible really, but fun to try.Thanks for commenting on my latest session on Flickr! I had a lot of fun and appreciate all of your wonderful notes.Namaste,Michelle.

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