Short San Diego Trip

San Diego, California has great weather and places to dine and shop. I’ve gone here a couple of times throughout my life and thought I’d share some memorable captures in the city.

View of the Coronado Bridge

The biggest kite I’ve ever set my eyes on!

It’s a pirate ship!

Dole products coming in!

Super-cool walkway bridge from the Hilton hotel to the Gaslamp Dist./SD Convention Center/Petco Park

The Gaslamp District – it comes alive at night.


8 Replies to “Short San Diego Trip”

  1. There’s something beautiful for me even about the symmetry of the stacked containers on the Dole boat and the beams or lengths of pipe near the bridge. I’ve always been enamored of urban landscapes for that reason.

    1. Isn’t it? I think that it was so amazing how the containers travel so far and imagining how heavy each and every one of those containers is. All just to put food on our tables. Truly grateful!

  2. Wonderful photos, Kim! I could almost feel the summery sun through the images! Here were autumn has already descended, it’s been very chilly… So it was great to feel that warm! Glad you had a great time way. We’re just returned from a few days in London… just now surfacing and back online. Happy Weekend :o)

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