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It started with this piece that my dad had bought me from a family trip that we went on. I had no idea what this pendant meant until many years later.

I would have never known that I’d develop a deep interest for these stones.

This is the rose quartz gem that my dad had bought me when I was much younger.

This stone holds the energy of love and the frog symbolizes cleansing, abundance and transformation.

Thanks dad!


 My Current Obsession:

Quartz crystal pendant necklaces – Full of natural healing energy, these essential crystals are unique and easy to wear.

Length varies on how high or low you like wearing your necklaces.

These are freestyle wrapping which I enjoy because each piece turns out different and unique.

No 2 pieces will ever look exactly the same.

IMG_9133IMG_0522IMG_0538Crushed Gemstones in Vial Pendant


Click below to see where the gems come from…


 If you have a certain type of piece of fun, stylish jewelry that you wish to be made OR wish to look at some pieces, please  feel free to contact me with a full description at: kimbundance@gmail.com & I will get back to you very soon.

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