Sydney, Australia (With Pictures)

Sydney Opera House/Sydney Harbour Bridge

Hunter Valley Gardens (Somewhat like Napa Valley, CA)

Anzac Bridge

View of Sydney buildings from the SkyWalk

On July – August 2011, I went on a whim and visited my awesome cousins and their parents in Fairfield, Australia. from there, it was all uphill!


Top 5 Places to Definitely Check Out:

1. Parramatta Road ($$) – A relaxing and artsy place to grab some coffee (@ Coco Cubano) or have a relaxing lunch or primped-up dinner.


2. Nan Tien Buddhist Temple ($) This is such a beautiful, tranquil and serene temple,  I’ve never felt so peaceful before. My senses were truly awakened there and my soul was SO happy. The city of Kiama is SO relaxing, definitely stop by here after you balance yourselves at the temple. 










3. Sydney Fish Market ($$) For all you seafood lovers! This place is so filled with fresh seafood goods. Only be careful if you sit outside to eat, the pigeons are pretty fearless. 



















4. Royal Botanic Gardens ($) – This botanical paradise is home to diverse bird-life and plant species. You can have a picnic, ride your bike or go for a jog here and it’s so peaceful!










5. Bondi Beach ($$$) – It’s such a beautiful view to see the homes on the hills against the beach view. A very different vibe to Malibu or Newport Beach, CA. There are shops and coffee places to enjoy too.


















Top 3 Reasons why Kimbundance Enjoyed Sydney, Australia:

1. The Energy – According to Eckhart Tolle, there is less “pain body” in countries where no war was fought, IE Canada, Australia, Switzerland. With that said, Sydney felt very light and agreeing to my vibration. Decisions were made easier and smoother and various situations flowed in a rhythmic pattern.

2. The Vibe of the City Life – Sydney reminded me of NYC meets San Francisco, that’s the only way I can really put it. Restaurants and Stores were open later on Thursday nights and it felt very much alive there. There’s much to do and places to see and a big plus for me is that there are so many beaches!

3. The people – Very hard workers and generous yet very humble and simple.

Of course I was there on vacation but I really looked at it from a unbiased point of view. All locations have their own share of pro’s and con’s but as afar as what I felt there, I truly enjoyed it.

Until the next time I get to go down unda!


8 Replies to “Sydney, Australia (With Pictures)”

  1. Hi Kim.

    You took a lot of cool pictures of places you visited. That one tree has so many diagonal branches that it would be fun to climb up on.

    I hadn’t heard that about the war vibe in most countries, but I can understand that tension does pass down to the common people, and that was is certainly a source of tension.

  2. It is so nice to see your pictures. I went to Sydney some 15 years ago. There is certainly a nice city-vibe to it. Seeing your pictures have triggered my memories…it will be nice to go there on a holiday again….Thanks!

  3. Wow, the beach definitely looks like something to behold. I love how the Buddhist temple and botanical gardens get Zagat-style price ratings as well as the restaurants. 🙂

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