Be Able to Enjoy Being 26


Hi everyone!

Words can’t describe how grateful I am that you happen to stop by.

Today marks my 26th birthday here on planet Earth and I’m the type to give thanks and express how happy I am to arrive at this age.

This past year, I learned a lot and went through some challenging situations that I wasn’t really ready for. But that’s life right?  The Universe just gives us situations to handle because they believe you’re ready for it now. So, I was given those challenges and I assume I took it like I champ because I’m still alive & kickin’! =) Honestly, I’m thankful for those challenges because I would have never learned or experienced such situations unless it was placed at that exact moment in my life.

This year, I learned how to become more comfortable in my own thoughts and to switch my negative thoughts and emotions to positive ones. I think that’s a habitual effort that I have to continue to work on, maybe until I’m in my 90’s. I know its results are beyond amazing so I intend that if you’re reading this, you’ll join me to form that amazing habit as well.

I also learned how to breathe and take a minute or two to slow down and relax. Everything is so fast-paced you’re concentrated on something that you can forget to just inhale and de-stress your body. Our bodies are always working hard and we need to give it periodic breaks for it to remain sharp and healthy. When I get overwhelmed, I stop and inhale as slow as I can and release my breath with a clear mind. That allows me to go back at my task in a better mood and I more relaxed manner.

I also learned that when faced with making decision, go with the one that makes you most happy or has a positive outcome. It isn’t being selfish because it’s going from within yourself and it feeds your soul. You have to take care of yourself before you take care of others.  Feeling guilty or overly caring about someone who is capable of their own feelings and emotions can’t do any good.

Those are some of the major things I learned and/or had to pay more attention to this year and hopefully those points can inspire you to look at your life in a positive perspective.

This space undoubtedly allows me to channel my inner happiness by sharing my personal life experiences, lessons and just living in the present moment. Thanks for letting me share that with you.

Also, thank you for taking the time to read this, I know it may sound a bit sappy but the fact that you’re reading this means you have taken the time to show your love and support for me on our happy journey through life!

Thank you the bottom of my heart.


Be Humble


Hope your week is going by nice and smoothly as we come across the second week of the New Year.

On my mind today is the topic of being humble. I always associate being humble with being grateful because we can always remember to be grateful for all the little things in our life that don’t carry a price tag.

Being humble comes from within us and knowing that material things can never equate to long term happiness. Being humble is a way of being grateful for every single thing you have in your life and not asking for more because you know that you have enough. Humbleness is knowing that you’ve been so blessed and that everything else that may come into your life is are blessings and gifts from the Universe.

The Universe knows exactly what you need and will always provide for your needs it you believe it to be so. If you are thankful for what you already have, you will automatically attract more good in your life. The choice is always up to you, you can think in lack or you can think in abundance!

If you acquire much and enjoy material things, then so be it! Just remember to help those who are in need and don’t let your ego get the best of who you are. It’s not easy not wanting the latest trends or gadgets out in the market, especially when there are advertisements virtually everywhere.

Never let your material things define who you are as a human being because your character and the value that you provide to others is what are most important. Be there for the most important parts of your life such as your loved ones and yourself. Good luck on your humble journey through life.


It is always the secure who are humble.  -Gilbert Keith Chesterton



Be Grateful


Simply saying the words, “thank you” and expressing gratitude can sometimes be overlooked at times. Especially during hours that we are unconscious of the acts we are doing or when we are being rushed throughout our day. For me, I have noticed what being grateful can do to change your own life and the lives of others. In the morning when I wake up, I immediately thank the universe for allowing for me to wake up and live another day. With those powerful thoughts, I can vibrate at a higher and happier frequency. If I were to wake up and get mad that I had to wake up so early, I would vibrate at a lower frequency of anger and ungratefulness.

Sometimes we can overlook the people in our lives and forget to say, “thank you.” For me, this happens once in awhile and I forget to truly appreciate what others do for me. So perhaps, we can all make it a habit to be more grateful and remember to thank those people, place or things in our lives that help us get through our daily tasks. Our thoughts create our future and what a great future it would be if we could express our happiness through gratitude.