Be Joyful

One way I bring joy into my life is being grateful for my dog. 

 Having joy come into our lives is a wonderful feeling. We tend to be more relaxed, happy and overall in a great mood. We can think clearly which allows us to make better decisions and we can encourage other people by motivation and not manipulation.

Here are 3 ways to bring joy Into Your life:

1. Be grateful for every single thing you have. You’ve heard it many times before, there must be some truth to it! Being grateful allows the universe to see that we are thankful and that more goodness can manifest into our lives. When we are grateful, we are not only setting a great  example but we are accepting all that is good or bad in our lives and moving forward.

2. Take a Break. Whether it be a 5 minute break or a whole day, take some time out to either meditate or do some positive affirmations. Repeat these affirmations over and over again. For example you can affirm, “I am abundantly safe, happy and wealthy and all great things surround me.” This is a personal affirmation I like to say myself in the morning and whenever I am walking somewhere. If you are nervous or worried try the affirmation, “Out of this, only good will come, I am happy and in good hands.”

3. Notice Every thing. Look around you and try and find the beauty & usefulness in all things that you can sense; put those 5 senses to use! The more you are aware, the more you will know how much you do have.