Be True to Your Word

  [The things you can make with duct tape! This is a flower pen that my friend gave to me]

We make intentions and goals throughout the year or at the beginning of our birthday’s and it’s good to let other people that you are on a pathway to improving your self. Being true to your word is very important and establishes your credibility of being a reliable and responsible person. I know in my teenage years, I feared a lot of the intentions I set out for myself, I always used the phrases, “next time” or my favorite, “what if?” I must admit, if I executed such big decisions, my life would be completely different from what it is now. I am truly grateful for where I am at my life right now but I realized that I never executed what I said I was going to do.

These days, I try my best to stick to my word and to make the best decisions before announcing them. It’s definitely a great characteristic to be that person who sticks to his/her word.

So here are my tips on how to stick to your word:

1. Tell someone close to you that you are going to do X, Y and Z and make sure that that person is one who sticks to their own word as well.

2. Write or type  your intention/goal  somewhere you always check or see. For example:  On your cellphone notes or calendar, note it down to put some time and effort to your intentions/goals.

3. Set a reminder on your phone to put some time and energy to your task and make sure you don’t dismiss that reminder.

4. Be grateful that you are able to accomplish that task and use that gratefulness to execute what you need to do.

5.  Visualize that you have already accomplished the task when you first create a new intention/goal. Do this by closing your eyes for a few seconds and picture yourself already completing the task in an easy and effective manner. This will allow the universe to see that you have set forth the message and the universe will provide if you execute in a timely manner.

Hope these tips help!








Be Creative!

[A flower that my cousin made out of blue duct tape! Placed on his ukulele]

Creativity is something that allows us to use  our skills, emotions and thoughts we don’t necessarily use on a daily basis, especially if we don’t practice something creative in our daily lives. I’m mostly a right-brained thinker so I automatically have that urge to do something creative every now and then. I either try and make a vision board, make jewelry, design a birthday card or even organize my room. I need creativity in my life and I think that it’s so important that we find time to do creative things.

The other week, I had a talk with a good friend of mine who recently tapped into her creative side again after a couple of years. She let me know that it was fun, environmentally friendly and so easy to make the simple things that we usually purchase at the stores like candles and chapstick.

Here are some reasons why tapping into your creativity is GREAT:

  • It brings out your inner-child. Our inner-child needs to play once in awhile. If we are too serious and stressed all day, it really takes a toll on our bodies. If you like children, this allows you to connect and bond with them.
  • You can create unique things you can’t find anywhere else and it’s your very own mix, no matter if you see something similar to it in stores.
  • It’s better for the environment when you can make things from recyclable materials.
  • It allows you to think outside the box and ignite create thoughts.
  • You can save money by making someone a gift instead of buying them something that isn’t too personalized.

Hope this helps you unleash that creative side we all know that you have inside of you. Good luck and have some fun!

What are some ways you stay creative or use your creativity on a weekly basis?