Be Passionate


To me, there are 3 factors that are vital for growth in our lives, these 3 include:

1. Things we have to do in life to sustain a living and further our individual knowledge and development. IE: Going to school, getting that degree, working, etc.

2. Doing things that don’t benefit us as human beings-such as being stagnant, irritable and unproductive.

3.¬†Feeding our passion, which simply means, investing in something that we are really good at and love to do. It’s investing large amounts of time, effort, and energy into something that we find time to do because we love it. IE: painting, cooking, blogging, fixing cars, etc.

Now, number 1 is favored by many because it’s the mainstream and safe choice to make. Don’t get me wrong, number 1 is required in order to learn and gain knowledge, and it’s important too. ¬†Number 2 happens to a lot of us when we lose motivation for our goals and begin to lose sight of the light. I have met some people who have gotten into this state of being and it is hard for them and the people around them, it’s important to give them much light and peace. They are not hopeless, but at a stage of transition or have a different view of life. For number 3, it requires a person to step out of their comfort zone and to take risks that don’t necessarily mean great returns immediately but it is a learning process. And the more risks we take, the more chances we get of making a huge impact on our lives and possibly, the lives of others.

Investing in our passion is something we never learn in school. I can’t recall a time when an elementary or high school teacher told me to do what I love, or engage in some activities that I actually liked to. Getting good grades was the only main goal in school and nothing else.

Therefore, it’s important to keep the good points we learned in school and realize what exactly you’re good at, no matter how off-the-top it may be- just go for it! We live in a society that is starting to shift and if you’re not feeding your passion, a big part of your “living” isn’t really true.

with gratitude,