Be Able to Breaking Away From Someone


Breaking away from someone or something is not as dramatic as people believe it to be. I call it, “Getting rid of the sour grapes!” In life, we are always learning new things and we “grow up.” Sometimes we even grow apart from other people who we used to admire or desire in the past. Learning from our mistakes makes us grow wiser and smarter. We know who will betray us and who our true friends are. We begin to realize what is important and what is not.

Unknowingly, our individual outlooks, dreams and interests will change in the course of our lifetime and yet you may feel like you’re drifting apart from someone who you used to share the same interests as. But remember to not be afraid or sad because everything has its purpose and reason.

In some point in time, you’ll gain the wisdom needed to realize that it is important to surround yourself with people who are uplifting, caring, thoughtful and have a bright future ahead of themselves.

More importantly, it’s vital that we remember that we are all the same; we all demand respect, love and integrity. Therefore, we have to treat other people as equals and if someone always makes you feel bad for no apparent reason, then let them go and send them peace and light because it is only then when you can keep positively move forth with light and happiness.