Be Able to Make Decisions


Decision-making can be difficult for some of us, especially if it’s a life-changing one that requires a lot of “thinking”. I know that for me,  I’ve has some trouble with making my own decisions in the past because I’d complicate and dissect every part of the decision I was going to make. That dissection opened more issues that I didn’t want to deal with and the logic behind each one just left me with a big headache.

After reading and listening to some of my older wise friends, something clicked in my mind. I was at a book club with my Spiritmind sisters and we were talking about the book we’re currently reading, “The 12 Sacred Principles of Karma” by Steven Hairfield and a discussion came up about intuition.

That evening, my friend was talking about how she has gotten her intuition to work positively for her. She said that many times, her first instinct reaction has always been the one she needed in the future. That first answer you get at the pit of your stomach (or your heart chakra) when you ask yourself  a question, is the only answer you’ll need.

That was an “Aha!” moment for me. Of course I’ve heard this many, many times before but that evening, when she said it-it just made sense to me as if the stars all aligned for a quick minute. So from then on out, I’ve decided to listen to my first gut reaction and I’m not going back and thinking twice about it.

The best result I’ve gotten from this is that it greatly releases the stress and worry that we add on to our daily lives. Imagine being able to make a firm decision and sticking to it. Luckily, some of us have gotten this down already and have been reaping all the benefits, so do keep it up! and keep strengthening that intuition because the world needs positive leaders.

I intend that you can go confidentially in the direction of your dreams.

A special thank you to all of our Veteran’s and those who have risked their lives for our freedom. Much peace, love and light to all of you. 


Be Aware

(Are you aware that there’s a bee  on one of the cactus flowers?)

On my drives to different places, I occasionally listen to self-improvement audios.

Here are some reasons why listening to self-help audios are awesome:

  • Listening to positive talks/affirmations uplifts my spirit
  • Makes me think more positive thoughts
  • It keeps me in the present moment
  • It keeps me very grateful and humble
  • It gets me to my destination quicker

This morning,  I was listening to Louise Hay’s, “101 Power Thoughts” and she had something that resonated very well with me. It was to “Be Aware.” Also known as being present or mindful; it reminded me to notice all the things around me. Especially when I am driving, I have to be aware to stay safe and relaxed. Many of us are so blessed to have our senses to enhance our lives that sometimes we take them for granted. Being aware allows us to hear, smell, touch and feel all that surrounds us. Being aware also allows us to slow down and to take three breaths and listen to our bodies. Whenever you have a couple of minutes of down time, just relax and go within and be aware that everything in your life is happening for you to experience something new and wonderful!