Be Able to Relax

Wild growing lavender in my garden =)

Hi everyone!

Isn’t the lavender just nice to look at? I think it’s one of the most low-maintenance, easy plant to grow and this batch (that I bought a couple of years ago) was not afraid to spread out.

This weekend, I wanted to do relax and just unwind. So I went to Bath and Body Works and I bought a lavender/chamomile pillow spray from the Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep collection.  I’ve used a different scent before and it was just amazing. It’s such a pleasant scent to breathe in right just before bed. These little things can definitely soothe you into a better state. Depending on your liking, there are many ways to relax yourself in an affordable and easy way straight from your own home. We don’t necessarily need to go to the salons or massage places; we can start small and affordable at home.

I think we all need to pay special attention to our physical bodies every so often. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, I think our physical bodies all deserve some tender love and care every now and then as a reminder that it is loved.

“Your body is a flower that life let bloom” -Ilchi Lee

Why we need to relax:

Sometimes we get very busy with all the responsibilities of everyday life that we forget to take care of our true means of operations – our body (our temple). Even though we push through tired times, our bodies are in dire need of rest and relaxation, even if it’s only for a few minutes. As our bodies relax, we become livelier, happier and have an overall uplifting state of mind.

Some easy ways to relax yourself:

-Being able to even shower a little longer and enjoy the water-like therapy from your shower is a easy and great way to relax your tense muscle.

-Natural oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender and chamomile are relaxing and soothing scents that agrees with your body. You can obtain these oils in your nearby farmer’s market, organic grocery store (Such as Whole Foods or Bristol Farms), or at a health store.

-Grab some leaves off of a lavender plant (see above photo) and rub them with your fingers, the smell is very relaxing and natural.

-Rubbing some Vicks vapor rub below your nostrils is also relaxing and lets you breathe easier.  

-Sit down with cup of tea and clear your thoughts soothe your temples by places some drops of peppermint oil on it.

-Rub some lavender or chamomile, eucalyptus lotion on your hands and breathe in deeply. It will help you relax and the moisturizers from the lotion with smooth and soften your hands.

Happy relaxing to you!

Be Relaxed (Laguna Beach, CA)

Hi everyone!

Exciting news – I just joined the 30 Day Blogging Challenge (#30DBC) via @notagrouch He invited me to take on this challenge that for 30 days straight, we are to put up a new post for 30 consecutive days. It started on Thursday, November 1, 2012 so I am playing catch up! I only hope you all will enjoy the posts I put up, even if they’re just pictures, ramblings or whatnot =) If you’d like to join, I believe it’s not too late, just message him here

This past few days were spent at a mini-getaway at Laguna and Newport Beach, California. I honestly couldn’t ask for more perfect weather and of course… food!  I really needed this because I’ve been busy with the 9-5 and it does take a lot out of me. I was in dire need of some relaxation and for me, I think that it’s very important to get away and calm your mind and body. Grounding yourself and keeping your core is essential to good health and happiness.

We  should relax on days were we can take a breather and enjoy different scenery and smells that surround us. Even if we can’t necessarily go somewhere far or different, we can be grateful for all of our senses and just forget about things that are worrying us. Troubles are a big part of what makes us anxious and can really put a strain on our bodies that’s why we literally have to stop, find a quiet place and relax our minds. I am guilty of not taking my own advice, this past week I was putting more and more on my plate that I forgot to relax and rest. As a result, I got a horrible sore throat and cold (not fun!)  That’s a perfect example of my body telling me that, “Hey! you need to slow down and relax mam!” So being sick necessarily isn’t a bad thing for me, it’s a reminder that for next time, I better take care of myself.

I’m sure a lot of people have different ways of relaxing, here are some ways to relax and rest:

  • Sleep! Have ample sleep so that your body can re-charge and renew itself, I know some people only need x-amount of hours to sleep but if you can sleep in, your best bet is to actually sleep in and use that time to re-charge. Think of your body as a battery pack, like your cellphone, if you don’t charge it for awhile, it will run our of battery and your can’t use it anymore.
  • Meditate – I know that this comes with a lot of practice but meditation definitely relaxes the mind a body. You’re read the studies about its benefits, so why not try it for at least 10 minutes to clear out the clutter in your mind. You can sit down, close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths while only concentrating on your breath. Keep your mind clear and clutter-free and you will feel a serene peace throughout our body afterwards.
  •  Go to a local park and read or breathe- This is a great way to clear your head and get into something completely different.