Be Able to Keep Learning



Hi again!

Hope you’re all having a great July as the end of the month draws near.

This past month, I was reminded that learning something new can play a big part in our ego. I say “can” because for some people, going back to school or learning a new skill isn’t such a big deal and being able to learn is something that they yearn for. For others (like myself) we find it somewhat challenging to seek out other modes of learning something new.

For me, I know my silly ego likes to get in the way and gets bruised because she thinks she knows everything there is to know about something. Taming my ego is what I like to call it. Some days I have to put my ego on check and say, “Look, you can really benefit from this and it will be good for you to know this, now sit and learn!” It may seem childish but it helps me to strive to learn more.

Likewise, I know some individuals who are perfectly happy with learning something new, those that don’t want to hear what you’ve got to say and those who just hear portions of what you say. Which one are you?

Especially if we’re older in age, we quickly think that we know everything through experience and prior knowledge. Then, we’re faced with a question that we don’t quite know the answer to. Do we just forget about it or do we do some research and seek out the correct answers?  The ability to keep learning allows us to be more knowledgeable and experienced so when a situation arises, we can handle it.

Everyone is different and it’s understandable why some people learn particular things faster than others.

It would be in our favor to be open to learning new things and here are some reasons why:

  • It allows us to think ever further beyond our own scope.
  • It allows us to put our feet in someone else’s shoes.
  • It keeps our minds alert.
  • It exercises our minds just as we must exercise our bodies.
  • We can gather the correct information and pass it on to others, thus creating awareness.
  • It can piece together the gaps of old facts and new facts.

What’s your learning style? Do you enjoy teaching or learning? Or do you just like to soak it all in and use it when the right time calls for it?