Be Able to Embrace Your Own Style



Photo taken at a bonsai garden in Oakland, CA

What’s your flavor? 

This past week, I had a  long conversation about how people have different tastes. I noticed that everyone has their own preferences and likes and at a certain time in your life you begin to own it. During our younger years in school, it’s a little more difficult because we don’t know exactly know who and what we’re striving to be. We want to try everything and anything.  At a younger age, our typical cares are about different things so we often get side-tracked and unaware of what we want. This phase can be very tricky so you learn what you DO want versus what you DON’T want.  Later on as we mature and grow up, we begin to notice the habits we’ve developed and what we want to do with our lives. Our own lifestyle, vales and beliefs begin to be  and we  begin to live it out and we make it our own.

Why we should embrace our own style?

If we are content with our lifestyle (even if it’s not to our liking just yet), we are expressing gratitude and in my books, gratitude is the attitude for positive abundance. Own up to your positive style and be thankful to have experienced what you’ve experienced so far & having everything that you currently DO have. I’m reminded of my favorite quote, “You have to be before you can do, and you have to do before you can have.” -Dr. Rob Anthony

Embracing your own personal style is what allows us to be confident and happy in life. When our gratitude is shown then the whole world has another light that is shining and bringing a vibrant energy to our force field. According to a fact sheet from the University of Nevada, it says that, “Energy fields do not seem to have inevitable outcomes, but seem to be influenced by what people do.” 

But what if you’re still searching for a style? 

If you’re still uncertain about what style to take on, I’d suggest finding a mentor or someone you resonate with. Take some of their qualities/traits and use them as your own if you feel comfortable with it. The more you are comfortable and confident, the more you can begin to define your life’s purpose. The more you define your purpose, the more meaningful life will be.

Quick & Simple Affirmations to  Help Own Your Style:

  • I am happy  with my lifestyle.
  • I make my decisions with ease.
  • I am always healthy and alive.
  • My daily tasks are important to me and benefits other people.
  •  I am always moving towards positive directions.
  • I am present and aware.


Be Able to Recognize the Good


This past weekend was a blessing for me!

I was with my mom and she told me a story about how her great-grandmother was a firm believer of the Law of Attraction. Of course, that’s not what it was called back then. However, the main strength of the  message is the same. That message was, “If you think good thoughts, good things will happen and if you think bad thoughts, bad thoughts will happen.” The “self-fulfilling prophecy” or “karma”as others call it as well. There are many different interpretations and sayings but the main message is the best and most important part.

I’m sure a lot of us may (or may not) believe in this in some way or another but do we really remember to play it out on a daily basis?

I know some days it can be hard to turn the other cheek, especially if we’re having an “off” day and I think that’s completely normal. But if we’re continuously beating or belittling ourselves on a regular basis, then it can create serious effects. Being able to recognize the good simply means, being grateful and taking a second  or two to actually look around you and notice your breath, that you have your vision and/or sense of smell. We often take those amazing things for granted and sometimes we have to step back and say, Hey! I am perfectly healthy and happy and at the end of the day that’s all that matters.

Here are some ways to recognize the good in your life:

  • Think of 3 things that went smoothly in the past 5 hours.
  • Look up at the sky and make a positive intention.
  • Inhale in and feel your chest expand with an abundance of air.
  • Write down some things your grateful for and just be thankful for those things/events.
  • Hang a nice picture up and let it remind you of the good you have in your life.
  • Play with your pets.
  • Think highly of the ones you love.

I am really grateful that my mom was able to share that little story with us, it’s as if she too was awakened to think outside the box of abundant possibilities. For that, I am happy.



Be Able to Find Peace


Peace is something that we sometimes forget to give to ourselves and to others and what pain it may be to live without knowing peace. My heart of peace especially goes out to the Boston Marathon Explosions and I surround all the victims with love, light and healing. I’m definite that it’s hard to grasp what the victims and community have witnessed and it will take some time to heal their pain. Let’s continue to pray & bless them. 

Finding peace plain and simple comes from within ourselves. But what exactly does that mean and how on Earth do we begin to do that?

After reading and resonating with Buddhist teachings, self-development books and audios, I found that peace is easy to obtain when we’re emotionally and spiritually ready for it to come into our lives.

Here are 5 ways to allow peace to resonate with you everyday:

1. Accept things just as they are – Don’t try to change people or worry about  things you cannot control; surrender all your problems and worries to the Universe.

2. Quiet your mind – Either it be meditating or just listening to some peaceful sounds, each day it will give your mind some relaxation and clarity.

3. Be grateful – Peace comes to us when we are thankful for every single thing in our lives, including the good and the bad.

4. Lessen the gossip – Try to not  eavesdrop on the conversations next to you or get into family gossip. Those exact words you may say that are harmful may come back to you in some shape or form. So cut those conversations out of your life and only speak positive of other people.

5.  Affirm only positive sayings – Throughout the day, catch yourself whenever a negative thought comes in and change it with a positive one. The more happier our thoughts, the more happier we remain.

We owe it to ourselves to live in peace, love and harmony. We weren’t placed here to endure long periods of suffering and sadness  Our minds can always be changed when our thought patterns change.

I hope this helps you find peace in your lives because when I see others at peace, I too am at peace.


Sending much peace to you,

Be Able to Take in the Good

There are events that happen to us out of nowhere that can bump us out of our happiness path. We typically aren’t ready for it and it comes at an unpleasant time. This even personally happened to me this past week and it wasn’t easy.  In a nutshell, my former colleague who has tremendously helped me a lot this past year was treated unfairly this past week. It especially hurts when you’ve become so close and admire that person you work with, so it’s hard to pinpoint as to how you begin to digest the whole process.

After hours of thinking, I had to get back on my path of happiness and peace. Therefore, I began with my thoughts by taking in all the good that this experience has brought me. I came up with several positive outcomes that this event has taught me which in turn has helped me a lot.

Taking in the good from a good or bad experience is something positive that we can get into the habit of.  Instead of only seeing the bad in a particular situation, we can also see the good in it. The lessons we learn and the experience we gain throughout our lifetime is priceless and no one can take that away from us.

Being optimistic about a negative situation also helps a lot. Adversely, don’t be afraid to feel the pain that a negative situation comes with. We are human and we often can’t hide how we really feel, so express those feelings and get back on the happiness path. In the long run, our positive mindset with bring us so much further than our negative beliefs.

Here are some positive affirmations to allow the good in any situation (Inspired by Louise L. Hay):

I am at peace and the Universe loves me.

I am divinely protected.

I surrender my worries and problems to the Universe.

All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation only good will come. I am safe.

The Universe knows my every need and provides me with it at the right time and the right place.

Here’s to a great week and let the sun shine in!