Be Able to Have a Positive Spin (On Your Thoughts)

My friend, Seraphina’s beautiful labyrinth in her backyard. 


Hi all!

Putting a positive spin on things is something that I’ve been trying to do every single day. I admit, it’s a bit tough at first,  but then you begin to slowly incorporate it to your daily thoughts. Soon, you’ll begin to notice your positive thoughts from your negative ones and at that point, you can create harmony and peace of mind. It’s simply getting into the habit of  telling your mind to put a positive spin on things.

Here’s an example of putting a positive spin in a conversation: If you had to listen to someone complain for minutes or hours, you can do your best to politely listen but don’t let their complaining rub off on you and your thoughts. Recognize that they are venting out to you and probably need someone to listen to them. While they’re complaining,  send that person some good and uplifting affirmations or thoughts and continue to think on the bright side instead of letting their comments bring you down or think negatively. Always keep in the front of your mind that your thoughts are powerful and everything you say or think is an affirmation in itself. Louise L. Hay has a great audio that I listen to called 101 Power Thoughts and it’s great to listen to in the car or on your mp3 player. She talks about how powerful our thoughts are and how we must re-program our minds to live more harmoniously.

I believe that it’s true that we were never taught this is school (well for me anyway) and I think it’s the best thing you can share with others, because our thoughts are so powerful!

As soon as you can begin to change the negative thinking your mind, the Universe will work wonderfully in your favor. And how amazing would that be if you and the Universe we working simultaneously for the greater good of all humanity?

Here are some tips to try to keeping a positive spin on things:

  • When a rough situation comes up in your life, immediately affirm, “Out of this situation, only good can come, I am blessed and I am safe.” -Louise L. Hay

This powerful statement keeps you in alignment with your path and doesn’t make a rough situation become negative and/or hard to deal with.

  • When you’re funds are running low immediately affirm, ” There’s enough for everyone, I am abundant and all of the Universal goodness comes to me at the right time.”

Try keeping a check that’s written out to yourself in the amount you see yourself having.  Keep it in your wallet so that every time you see it, you remember that you are abundant and always prosperous. Manifesting that amount will happen in just a matter of time.  When you affirm that you have more than enough and allow the Universe to provide, then you will be able to manifest more

  • If you’re stuck in traffic, inhale a few deep breaths and remember how grateful you are for being in a vehicle that is allowing you to go to your destination. Be thankful for being able to drive, see, smell and hear things.

Be present in your journey to wherever it may take you, knowing that many people are not as fortunate as you are.


So keep those positive spins going!