Be patient


I am a firm believer in situations happening at the right time and place for any individual. One cannot foresee it or even imagine it happening without a strong intuition but it happens. When this new situation does happen, it can be an awakening. Awakenings teach us something new that we’ve never learned before, it is that “Aha!” moment in our lives that we can either take with a grain of salt or take it with the utmost acceptance.

Everyone in this lifetime strives for something, whether it be a peaceful lifestlye, a perfect career, passive income, that amazing body, or all unlimited happiness. Funny thing is… you CAN have it if you consciously choose to let it be a part of your life. Consciously choosing it means that you live and breathe what you want or would like to see manifest into your life. Whether it be repeating an affirmation or visualizing it in your heads.

To have something you want, you have to be willing to hustle. Back in the day, hustle meant to cheat people and steal them off their earnings. Nowadays, the meaning has turned into a lifestyle or way to make it to the top. Hustle in my opinion, is the work that an average person does not do because of blind fear. Hustle brings out the core of an individual and shows how much they want something to come into their lives in due time.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to want it all and having to do put in hard work because in due time, the best things in life are free and the other things will just be things.


Preparing for 2012


As 2012 comes close, the ever-growing consciousness continues to rise and bloom like a beautiful flower. This consciousness is being in-tune with who we are, knowing what we want in our life and following our passion. There is a shift that is happening and it’s very important that we are ready for this shift. By shift, I mean, “change of consciousness.” To be ready for this shift, I’ve listed a few things we can do:

-Be yourself and know yourself: When you know yourself, you know exactly what you want, how to get it and when to get it. Life flows more smoothly when you know where you stand in terms of your beliefs and morals.

-Be good to yourself and others: Knowing yourself also relates to being good to your body. You know what foods are good for you and the ones that are bad. Taking care of your body is vital because it’s your automobile that gets you though life. Being good to others is also important because when the universe sees us being respectful and thoughtful to other people, the universe will re-pay us with a lot more of great things and experiences.

-Be humble and grateful: Being humble means lessening the EGO. The ego is very, very strong and lessening the ego takes awhile to accept. Being grateful is another state that we must be in. When we are grateful for anything we have, we tell the universe that we accept and we want more of these things to come into our lives, for the greater good of all people.

I hope these things will help you to continue to stay with the new consciousness that is arising.

Peace and gratitude,