Be Able to Laugh

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The other day, I was catching up on an episode of  “New Girl” starring Zoey Deschanel before the season finale aired tonight and I really resonate with some of their jokes and I found myself (literally) laughing out loud and that was a very good feeling. I think laughter is great way of releasing. Throughout the day, we tend to build up a lot of stagnant energy that has nowhere to go. Personally, I think releasing through laughter is a great way to let it go. Luckily for me, I can find comedic shows and have a good laughter release ever now and then. So don’t be afraid to laugh or smile at something (even if it’s a little mean or weird) just remember to give it much peace and light to that thing or person and let it go.

If you find t hard to laugh because you have to take things seriously at work or at school, then make it a point to look or read about something funny or happy during your breaks. That simple energy you create for laughter and happiness allows for your spirit to be uplifted.

(Just for fun, here are my predictions for the show, I think Jess and Nick will eventually start dating and perhaps in the last show-get married. Maybe Cece and Schmidt too but who knows! They’re still a new couple but they’re entertaining. Winston and his current gf will probably break up but his boss might promote him to something bigger and better, beyond his dreams.)

Much laughter to you,