Be Able to Embrace Your Own Style



Photo taken at a bonsai garden in Oakland, CA

What’s your flavor? 

This past week, I had a  long conversation about how people have different tastes. I noticed that everyone has their own preferences and likes and at a certain time in your life you begin to own it. During our younger years in school, it’s a little more difficult because we don’t know exactly know who and what we’re striving to be. We want to try everything and anything.  At a younger age, our typical cares are about different things so we often get side-tracked and unaware of what we want. This phase can be very tricky so you learn what you DO want versus what you DON’T want.  Later on as we mature and grow up, we begin to notice the habits we’ve developed and what we want to do with our lives. Our own lifestyle, vales and beliefs begin to be  and we  begin to live it out and we make it our own.

Why we should embrace our own style?

If we are content with our lifestyle (even if it’s not to our liking just yet), we are expressing gratitude and in my books, gratitude is the attitude for positive abundance. Own up to your positive style and be thankful to have experienced what you’ve experienced so far & having everything that you currently DO have. I’m reminded of my favorite quote, “You have to be before you can do, and you have to do before you can have.” -Dr. Rob Anthony

Embracing your own personal style is what allows us to be confident and happy in life. When our gratitude is shown then the whole world has another light that is shining and bringing a vibrant energy to our force field. According to a fact sheet from the University of Nevada, it says that, “Energy fields do not seem to have inevitable outcomes, but seem to be influenced by what people do.” 

But what if you’re still searching for a style? 

If you’re still uncertain about what style to take on, I’d suggest finding a mentor or someone you resonate with. Take some of their qualities/traits and use them as your own if you feel comfortable with it. The more you are comfortable and confident, the more you can begin to define your life’s purpose. The more you define your purpose, the more meaningful life will be.

Quick & Simple Affirmations to  Help Own Your Style:

  • I am happy  with my lifestyle.
  • I make my decisions with ease.
  • I am always healthy and alive.
  • My daily tasks are important to me and benefits other people.
  •  I am always moving towards positive directions.
  • I am present and aware.


Be Able to Breaking Away From Someone


Breaking away from someone or something is not as dramatic as people believe it to be. I call it, “Getting rid of the sour grapes!” In life, we are always learning new things and we “grow up.” Sometimes we even grow apart from other people who we used to admire or desire in the past. Learning from our mistakes makes us grow wiser and smarter. We know who will betray us and who our true friends are. We begin to realize what is important and what is not.

Unknowingly, our individual outlooks, dreams and interests will change in the course of our lifetime and yet you may feel like you’re drifting apart from someone who you used to share the same interests as. But remember to not be afraid or sad because everything has its purpose and reason.

In some point in time, you’ll gain the wisdom needed to realize that it is important to surround yourself with people who are uplifting, caring, thoughtful and have a bright future ahead of themselves.

More importantly, it’s vital that we remember that we are all the same; we all demand respect, love and integrity. Therefore, we have to treat other people as equals and if someone always makes you feel bad for no apparent reason, then let them go and send them peace and light because it is only then when you can keep positively move forth with light and happiness.

Be Consistent With Positive Thoughts

Taken at: Downtown Riverside Mission Inn, Riverside, CA

Earlier today, I was thinking about being consistent and how we enjoy positive things that we our consistent with in our lives. If we are consistently on time, we build a good reputation for being on time. If we are consistent with exercising, we stay fit and have more energy. The same goes for being consistent with our positive thoughts and habits.

If we want to see a positive change in our lives, we must start by getting into the habit of consciously choosing uplifting & positive thoughts. Staying consistent in any area of which you trying to excel at is highly crucial as well. It must become a habit in which you repeat the process every day. It isn’t easy at first, a lot of people can tell you that. However, the long-term rewards and the changes that happen within you is very much worth it. Whether it is changing your thoughts, exercising or learning something new, we must make it a consistent  habit of doing it every day.

Here are 3 ways that you can begin forming a positive mental attitude:

1. Immediately when you wake up from bed, say thank you and bless your day. You can also say, “This is going to be a great day!” Whichever you feel most comfortable with is fine, just as long as you repeat a positive phrase when you rise. Do not think about all the things you have to do because you can save that for later. When you initially give thanks when you rise, the more happier your day will unveil.

2. While driving, riding the bus or doing a daily morning ritual, look at the sky or the sun and notice how beautiful it is, give thanks that mothernature has done it again! Bringing you yet another glorious day.

2. Smile at least 3 times at people in the morning or throughout the day.

I hope that helps and here’s to our journey’s to living a happy lifestyle.


Be patient


I am a firm believer in situations happening at the right time and place for any individual. One cannot foresee it or even imagine it happening without a strong intuition but it happens. When this new situation does happen, it can be an awakening. Awakenings teach us something new that we’ve never learned before, it is that “Aha!” moment in our lives that we can either take with a grain of salt or take it with the utmost acceptance.

Everyone in this lifetime strives for something, whether it be a peaceful lifestlye, a perfect career, passive income, that amazing body, or all unlimited happiness. Funny thing is… you CAN have it if you consciously choose to let it be a part of your life. Consciously choosing it means that you live and breathe what you want or would like to see manifest into your life. Whether it be repeating an affirmation or visualizing it in your heads.

To have something you want, you have to be willing to hustle. Back in the day, hustle meant to cheat people and steal them off their earnings. Nowadays, the meaning has turned into a lifestyle or way to make it to the top. Hustle in my opinion, is the work that an average person does not do because of blind fear. Hustle brings out the core of an individual and shows how much they want something to come into their lives in due time.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to want it all and having to do put in hard work because in due time, the best things in life are free and the other things will just be things.