Be Able to Skydive

Hi everyone!

Holy GUAC! This year has been one that I’m definitely grateful for!

For all of you in the States, I hope you all are enjoying the nice, long Thanksgiving weekend. So grateful for many experiences this year and for all you who take the time to come to this space and hopefully get some value. Thank you!

Also, incredibly grateful for being alive after my first tandem sky dive this afternoon in Oceanside, CA!

It was out-right crazy and very out of the ordinary. The ocean-view and scenery was well worth the slight panic attack.

FullSizeRender (1)

This experience is so mind-boggling; you just want everything to go right and not mess up because…well, you don’t want it to be your last plane ride! If I had to offer some tips for prospective divers, I’d recommend these 5 tips (they normally don’t tell you in the reviews):

1. BREATHE – Through your nose is typically more normal but I kept breathing through my mouth which looked incredibly weird on my skydiving video.

2. ENJOY – Try to enjoy the scenery even though you may be recovering from intense panic mode (well at least that was my case.)

3. TRUST – When you go with your instructor, they will guide you in the air so don’t worry about getting things right. You’re in great hands!

4. YAWN – Popping ears will be normal, mine are still clogged after 9 hours. (They’re slowly clearing up as I type.)

5. STRETCH – The harness is placed quite tightly on your upper body and inner thighs, so do a good stretch before getting strapped on. Some soreness around the inner-thigh area can happen & small bruising is possible from getting out of the plane and with landing. (Landing for me was smooth! You’ll either land on your feet or on your butt as if you’re sliding down on a slide.)

Feeling super fearless right about now. Maybe you’ve tried it? or want to try it?


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