Be a child


 [Pier @ Newport Beach, CA]

When we were born, all of us were innocent, pure and happy people. We weren’t afraid to do anything but just BE a baby and we certainly didn’t express being self-conscious or greed. Babies automatically knew that they would be taken care of in the most delicate way. As we grow older, we learn how society views us and how to act “normally” around other people. Our innocence is somewhat lost and we try to become somebody else.

But the truth is-we all have a playful,  happy and curious inner-child in us and it isn’t something bad. Having that inner-child in us is actually a good thing. If you think about a little child, they have a sense of imagination and creativity that can go on for days! Nowadays, creativity or uniqueness is a great quality and is asked of in a lot of work places.

We portray these characteristics when we feel free and are not hindered by society and it’s important that we let out our inner child every once in a while. Therefore, don’t be so afraid to act childish (when the time allows for it). Try to go the park and actually ROFL or rather ROGL (“Roll On the Grass Laughing”). That happiness that you extend out into the universe, lets it know that you are happy and grateful and in that moment and with that, all good things will come to you.


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